A scene on the frontiers…

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A scene on the frontier of the United States: a Native American (left) is shown scalping a dead British soldier. Another British soldier who has already been scalped is shown on the left edge of the design. In the center a second Native American, from whose rifle hangs a sign “Reward for 16 … scalps” and in whose knife initials “G.R.” have been etched, is shown handing a scalp to an obese British soldier (right). The speech balloon above the soldier ‘s head reads: “Bring me the scalps and the King our master will reward you”; from his pocket a strip of paper “Secret service money”. In the background, Native Americans and British soldiers dance around a fire.

  • Printmaker: G. L. (Draughtsman of Port de Québec), printmaker.
  • Title: A scene on the frontiers as practiced by the humane British and their worthy allies! [graphic] / L.G.
  • Publication: [United States] : [publisher not identified], [ca. 1813]

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The dance of the calumet of the sun


Depiction of the dance probably performed by the Illinois to strengthen peace between the tribes. The Calumet, a large pipe, was usually presented to the honoured guest. The tribe surrounds the circle in which two men dance with arrows above their heads; the circle includes arrangements of bows and arrows and tomahawks.

  • TitleThe dance of the calumet of the sun, or pipe of peace, performed on the most solemn occasions by the Indian nations in North America [graphic].
  • PublicationLondon : Pub. by T. Tegg, Jany. 21, 1809.

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