A perspective view and section of an engine propos’d to be built

A perspective view and section of an engine propos'd to be built . Detailed description below

“This engraving represents a circular building, with conical roof of tiles, shown in two sections, and partly in perspective. Within the building is a large wheel turned by a horse and giving motion to a considerable number of spindles, to which are attached disks; on each of the disks are several razors, which are thus set in action on the faces of the men who apply their cheeks to openings in the inner wall of the building. Exterior to this inner wall is a gallery where stand the men who are thus expeditiously shaved; their hats hang on pegs, each over the hole to which the owner has applied himself. In the gallery several men are finishing or preparing for their toilettes. The operation of dressing a wig is shown below the wheel, on our right, where many combs are placed on a drum which revolves like a water-wheel before a man’s wig, placed on a block near it.”–British Museum catalogue, description of an earlier state.

  • Printmaker: Booth, Thomas, active 1743-1746, printmaker.
  • Title: A perspective view and section of an engine propos’d to be built by subscription, which will shave sixty men in a minute, also oyl comb and powder their wigs [graphic] / Booth sculp.
  • Publication: [London] : Publish’d according to act of Parliament Novr. [the] 2, 1749, and sold by J. Dubois at [the] Golden Head [the] corner of Burleigh Street near Exeter Chanc[…], [2 November 1749]

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