Britannia seated under an oak

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  • Printmaker: Grignion, Charles, 1721-1810, printmaker.
  • Title: Britannia seated under an oak, amidst the symbols of war, agriculture & the polite arts, receives from the hand of Minerva the original proposals for the institution of the Westminster New Lying-in Hospital [graphic] : by her side stands Charity, who expatiates on the utility of the design & points at a perspective elevation of the hospital; Pendant on the oak is a Tuscan sheild with the arms of Earl Percy who generously patroniz’d the first undertaking, & at the top are placed the arms of the City of Westminster / S. Wale del. ; C. Grignion sc.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [not before 1767]

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Foundling Fields 1795 : payable on demand

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE: Foundling Fields 1795

Obverse depicts in the circle the crest of a lamb holding in its mouth a sprig of thyme and the legend ‘Foundling Fields – 1795″. On the reverse side in the circle the initials JB (i.e., James Burton 1761-1837, builder and developer of much of the foundling hospital in the 1790s) and the legend ‘Payable on demand”.

1 token, copper, 3 cm diameter.

  • Title: Foundling Fields 1795 : payable on demand.
  • Created: [London : J. Burton, 1795]

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Acquired January 2013