A translation of the charter from the latin

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  • Author: Barbers Company (London, England)
  • Title: A translation of the charter from the latin, granted by King Henry VIII to the Company of Barbers of London; whereby they were made a corporation; also transcripts of the letters patent … with acts of Parliament and bye-laws relative to the … Company; rules and articles of the Association of Peruke-Makers, Hair-Dressers, &c.
  • Published: London : Ward, etc., [1785]

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King Henry the Eigth [sic] & Anna Bullen

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King Henry VIII leads Anne Boleyn towards the throne. A melancholy Cardinal Wolsey leans his head in his hand as he glances sideways toward the couple. In the background Katherine of Aragon sitting in another throne and turns away from the couple to converse with Anne’s former lover, Lord Percy. A young page carries the train of Anne’s dress as she enters the palace.

  • PrintmakerHogarth, William, 1697-1764, printmaker.
  • TitleKing Henry the Eigth [sic] & Anna Bullen [graphic] / design’d & engrav’d by Wm. Hogarth.
  • Edition[State 5].
  • PublishedLondon : Printed for Robert Wilkinson, Cornhil, Carington Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard & R. Sayer, in Fleet Street, [circa 1790]

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