To all and every tavern-keeper, inn-keeper, and alehouse-keeper,

printed text

A handbill issued by the churchwardens of St. Martin’s in the Fields, London, forbidding businesses to operate on Sundays, “Except works of necessity” and also mandating the hours that households must show lights on the exteriors.
Signed by the churchwardens: Thomas Kynaston and Richard Smith.

  • Title: To all and every tavern-keeper, inn-keeper, and alehouse-keeper, butcher, poulterer, fishmonger, fruiterer, and other persons using and trade or business of buying and selling within the Parish of St. Martin in the Fields … Notice and warning is hereby given, to all such persons as shall hereafter offend (against any of the statutes for the due observation of the Lord’s day) by selling or esposing to sale any flesh, fish, fruit, or other things, or suffering any persons to sit tippling in any tavern, … .
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1755]

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File 646 755 T55

Acquired July 2021

Hare & Co., designers and engravers

A decorative handbill or trade card, divided in three compartments, all framed in a neo-Gothic border. In the center framed by three Gothic arches the word “Mechanical” is etched below images of three machines including a steam powered tractor and printing press; etched below is an advertisement for the firm Hare & Co., located in the Strand, London.

  • Author: Hare & Co.
  • Title: Hare & Co., designers and engravers on wood, patent agents, printers, electrotypists. 31 Essex Strand, London, W.C [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [Hare & Co.], [ca. 1890]

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File 66 890 H274

Acquired September 2019

Lower Great Room, Spring Gardens.

An advertisement for a joint exhibition at the Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, of a panaroma of London “painted on 10,000 square feet of canvas and displaying nearly 100,000 figures, 500 of the principal characters on the foreground the size of life.”

  • TitleLower Great Room, Spring Gardens. : A fashionable tour for one hundred miles along the banks of the Clyde including views of the three falls, Lanark, Glasgow, Greenock, and Ben Lomond in the distance … ; Great Room, Spring Gardens. Novelty! Marshall’s grand historical peristrephic panorama of the ceremony of the coronation, the coronation procession, and the banquet of His Most Gracious Majesty King George the Fourth …
  • Publication[London] : J.B. Laidlaw, printer, 5 Spring Gardens, [1823]

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File 66 L913 823

Acquired March 2017