Churchwarden’s accounts, Gamlingay, 1739 April-1740 June

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An account of the disbursements made to the churchwarden Christopher Parson for expenses paid out from April 1740 to April 1741. Recorded are the expenses for trips to Cambridge, payments to ringers for a celebration on the anniversary of the restoration of Charles II, the coronation of George II, and for Guy Fawkes Day; payments for hedgehogs, beer, books, repairs to the bells, etc.; with later annotations describing the location of the town and reasons for the expenditures. On the verso, the names of ten individuals who approved the accounts.

  • Author:┬áParson, Christopher.
  • Title: Churchwarden’s accounts, Gamlingay, 1739 April-1740 June.

Catalog record

LWL Mss File 106+

Acquired January 2013