The beggar boy: or, History and adventures of James Altamont

printed title page

  • Title: The beggar boy: or, History and adventures of James Altamont : afterwards earl Altamont, who was deprived (for a time) of his inheritance, and conveyed, by the infamous contrivance of his uncle, to America, where he remained thirteen years in slavery.
  • Publication: London : Printed by T. Maiden, Sherbourned-Lane, for Ann Lemoine, White Rose Court, Coleman Street, and J. Roe, No. 90, Houndsditch. ; Sold by all the booksellers in the United Kingdom, [1805?]

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53 C187 804

Acquired August 2021

The history of Donna Eugenia, or, The innocent adulteress

printed text

  • Title: The history of Donna Eugenia, or, The innocent adulteress : in which is exemplified the bad effects of disproportionate ages in marriage, the consequence of indulging in illegitimate passion and revenge, and the beneficial result of timely repentance.
  • Publication: London : Printed by Lewis and Hamblin, Paternoster-Row; for Langley and Belch, 173, Borough High-Street, 1807.

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659 807H

Acquired December 2021

The songsters jewel, or, Annual harmonist

printed text

  • Title: The songsters jewel, or, Annual harmonist : being a compleat collection of the favorite new & popular songs for the year 1817.
  • Edition: Stevens’s edition.
  • Publication: London : Published by G. Stevens, 10 Borough Road, [1817?]
  • Manufacture: Borough : Kemmish & Son, printers.

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74 817 So698

Acquired July 2021

An impartial account of the life and writings of Joanna Southcott

book, printed text

  • Title: An impartial account of the life and writings of Joanna Southcott, the prophetess : containing the particulars respecting her miraculous pregnancy, and the coming of Shiloh, an abstract of her doctrines, and a variety of other interesting and authentic information. Embellished with a correct portrait of Joanna, and a drawing of the superb crib and canopy.
  • Publication: Leeds : Printed by Inchbold and Gawtress, and sold by A. Cumming, at his periodical warehouse, in Briggate., [1814]

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53 Im34 814

Acquired April 2021

Simon Lord Fraser of Lovat

description below

Portrait of the elderly Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat, whole length, sitting on a chair, its back carved with a scallop shell; he holds a book in his right hand with his left hand in his waistcoat. To his right is a small side table with a quill pen in ink bottle and along the wall shelves of books.

  • Title: Simon Lord Fraser of Lovat [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [R. Walker], [1746]

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Acquired January 2021

The frontispiece and its explanation

frontispieceA copy of the Hogarth’s Frontispiece and its explanation for Samuel Butler’s poem Hudibras with the title engraved above the image and the text below in a single sentence below. Plate one is an emblematic scene with an oval portrait of Samuel Butler mounted on a pedestal on which is carved a relief showing a satyr whipping figures of Rebellion, Hypocrisy and Ignorance dressed as puritans, while he drives a chariot drawn by Hudibras and Ralpho; in the foreground, on the left, a satyr holds up a volume of Butler’s poem as a guide for the carver (a boy dressed only in an apron), and on the right a young satyr holds up a mirror to a figure of Britannia.


  • Title: The frontispiece and its explanation [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Printed and sold by Robt. Sayer, map & printseller at No. 53 in Fleet Street, [between 1760 and 1777?]

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Folio 75 H67 768B

Acquired January 2021

The man of fashion’s manual

title pageFrontispiece shows two gentlemen with red heart-shaped faces and a red heart at their calves.

  • Title: The man of fashion’s manual : containing instructions and rules for games of chance, and charioteering. By due attention to which, (it is confidently hoped) a check will be put to a further increase of broken limbs and broken fortunes / by Sir Somebody Whipster, Knt. Member of the Legion of Honour, and of several of the first clubs in the Kingdom, &c. &c. &c.
  • Publication: [Bath, England] : Printed by Richard Cruttwell, St. James’s-Street, Bath; and sold by Wilkie and Robinson, Pater-noster-Row, London, 1809.

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659 809M

Acquired December 2020

Authentic account of forgeries and frauds….

title page

  • Uniform Title: Authentic account of forgeries and frauds of various kinds committed by Charles Price, otherwise Patch.
  • Title: A new edition, being a more minute and particular account of that consummate adept in deception, Charles Price, otherwise Patch, many years a stock-broker and lottery-office-keeper in London and Westminster : in this edition the whole of his various forgeries and frauds are circumstantially related … till he began that desperate undertaking of forgeries on the Bank of England … : with this edition is given as a frontispiece an exact representation of his person, in the disguise he wore when he negotiated his first parcel of counterfeit bank notes, in the year 1780, and likewise another portrait of him in his usual dress.
  • Publication: London : Printed for the editor, (by whose permission a part only of these memoirs first appeared in the English Chronicle) and sold by G. Kearsley, at no. 46, in Fleet-Street, MDCCLXXXVI [1786]

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53 P925 S786

Acquired April 2020

Valentine’s day, or Quizzes for the post

  • Title: Valentine’s day, or Quizzes for the post : containing acrostics for the use of ladies and gentlemen, who wish to learn the art of making love.
  • Published: London : Printed for the booksellers, [1830?]

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763 830 V157

Acquired October 2019


Les sérails de Londres

title page and 4 volumes

  • Uniform Title: [Nocturnal revels. French]
  • Title: Les sérails de Londres, ou, Les amusemens nocturnes, contenant les scènes qui y sont journellement représentées, les portraits et la description des courtisannes les plus célèbres, et les caractères de ceux qui les fréquentent / traduit de l’Anglais.
  • Publication: A Paris : Chez Barba, Libraire, Palais Egalité, derriére le Théâtre de la République, no. 51, an. IX (1801)

Catalog Record 

646 801 Se522

Acquired November 2018