The beggar boy: or, History and adventures of James Altamont

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  • Title: The beggar boy: or, History and adventures of James Altamont : afterwards earl Altamont, who was deprived (for a time) of his inheritance, and conveyed, by the infamous contrivance of his uncle, to America, where he remained thirteen years in slavery.
  • Publication: London : Printed by T. Maiden, Sherbourned-Lane, for Ann Lemoine, White Rose Court, Coleman Street, and J. Roe, No. 90, Houndsditch. ; Sold by all the booksellers in the United Kingdom, [1805?]

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53 C187 804

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A visit to London

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Six plates with titles: London from Camberwell (on the South). Blackfriar’s Bridge [illegible]. The menagerie in the Tower. Westminister Bridge, Hall, & Abbey. London Bridge & the monument. The Juvenile Library.


  • Author: S. W., active 1801-1820?, author.
  • Title: A visit to London : containing a description of the principal curiosities in the British metropolis / by S.W. ; with six copper plates.
  • Manufacture: London : Printed by J. Adlard, Duke-Street, Smithfield. For Tabart and Co., at the Juvenile and School Library, No. 157, New Bond-Street; and to be had of all booksellers, 1808.

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659 808S

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Industry and idleness : a pleasing and instructive tale

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A moral tale modeled after William Hogarth’s Industry and idleness.


  • Author: Elliott, Mary, 1794?-1870, author.
  • Title: Industry and idleness : a pleasing and instructive tale, for good little girls, in words not exceeding two syllables / by Mary Belson, author of “Simple Truths.”
  • Edition: A new edition, corrected.
  • Publication: London : William Darton, 58, Holborn Hill, 1820.

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659 820 El46

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The art of cuckoldom

The art of cuckoldom title page

A spoof?

  • TitleThe art of cuckoldom : exemplified in the history of Don Fernando. A Spanish tale. With curious and interesting notes / translated by T. Dutton, Esq.
  • PublicationLondon : Printed for the translator; and sold by D. Brewman, No. 18, Little New Street, Shoe Lane, 1794.

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53 D95 794

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