A series of prints taken from the New Testament

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Intended to accompany Sarah Trimmer’s ‘A description of a set of prints taken from the New Testament’.

  • Author: Trimmer, Sarah, 1741-1810.
  • Title: A series of prints taken from the New Testament, designed as ornaments for those apartments in which children receive the first rudiments of their education.
  • Published: London : Printed and sold by John Marshall, No. 4, Aldermary Church Yard, in Bow Lane, and No. 17, Queen Street, Cheapside, [1790?]

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722 790T

Acquired October 2018

Heraldic fan leaf

Paper fan with heraldry symbols

A heraldic fan leaf, a quick ready reference designed to interpret the status of British royalty and nobility with reasonable accuracy. Presumably the fan was intended as an accessory at the theatre, pleasure gardens and and other social events. The outer row contain heraldic charges beneath which are the crowns the Prince of Wales and various lesser crowned nobility; next are ‘Distinction of Houses’ and examples of ‘Knight of the Garter’ and ‘Commoner & his Lady’; next are ‘Points of Escutcheon’, ‘Metals & Colours’, ‘Furrs’ interspersed with how to distinguish a Bishop from and a Baronet and lastly there is a row of division of the field, very helpfully distinguishing between those men who have had 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 wives and and an heiress and possibly the future number 8.

  • Printmaker: Ovenden, T., active 1790-1813, printmaker.
  • Title: [Heraldic fan leaf] [graphic] / Ovenden sculpt.,Butcher Row.
  • Publication: [London] : Pubd. as the act directs Feby. 11, 1792, by F. Martin & Co., [11 February 1792]
  • Distribution: [London] : Sold by Sarah Ashton, Fan Maker, No. 28 Little

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Acquired September 2018

Hudibras vanquish’d by Trulla

Hudibras vanquish'd by Trulla

“Hudibras is sprawled on the ground with Trulla, a large country-woman, astride him fending off angry villagers, including a cobbler and a butcher, wielding clubs; to left, Ralpho is held by a man with a rope and another with a sword”– British Museun online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerHogarth, William, 1697-1764, printmaker.
  • TitleHudibras vanquish’d by Trulla [graphic] / W. Hogarth invt. et sculp.
  • Edition[State 4].
  • PublicationLondon : Printed and sold by Robert Sayer, opposite Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, [1726]

Catalog Record

Hogarth 768.00.00.02 Box 112

Acquired June 2018

Hudibras’s first adventure

Hudibras's first adventure

Hudibras and Ralpho encounter a mob armed with sticks; in the foreground to right, a one-legged fiddler, a butcher and a dancing bear with his leader. On the left, a woman reaches out her arms.

  • PrintmakerHogarth, William, 1697-1764, printmaker.
  • TitleHudibras’s first adventure [graphic] / W. Hogarth delin. et sculp.
  • Edition[State 3].
  • Publication[London] : Sold by Phil. Overton near St. Dunstans Church Fleetstreet, [1726]

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Hogarth 726.00.00.26 Box 100

Acquired June 2018

A perspective view of Dilston Hall

“View of hall with gardens and river in foreground, crossed by bridge at right with a courting couple; other figures in foreground including fishermen in centre foreground, a woman with child sitting at right and gardeners at left; poem in three columns lamenting the death of the Earl below.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerSpilsbury, Jonathan, approximately 1737-1812, printmaker.
  • TitleA perspective view of Dilston Hall, once the seat of the unfortunate James, Earl of Derwent-water [graphic] / T. Oliver delin. ; Spilsbury sculp., Russel Court, London.
  • Publication[London] : [publisher not identified], … published according to act of Parliament, July 17, 1766.

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Topos N878 no. 2++

Acquired September 2017

Portrait of a noble duke

“A head of Wellington in profile to the left, composed of military emblems. The hair is made of laurel leaves; covering the forehead is a flag with a lion rampant and the words ‘Vittoria | Salamanca | Waterloo’. The eye is the muzzle of a cannon, with bayonets (for eyebrow), and sabre. The nose is a part of a tent, a fold forming a nostril. Below this is a tiny sentry-box and sentry, resting on a projecting lip, which, with the chin, cheek, and jaw is formed of masonry, from which, at the mouth, two small guns project. The side of the face is partly covered by a Union flag, with spears and a drum for ear, a sabre for the contour of the jaw. Over the Duke’s military uniform is draped the gold-embroidered gown of the Chancellor of the Exchequer”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • TitlePortrait of a noble duke [graphic].
  • Published[London] : Published by Thos. McLean, 26, Haymarket, 1829.

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Acquired June 2017

The funeral procession of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales

A panoramic view of the procession at head and foot, each group numbered with corresponding index at foot. Further vignettes of the ‘Procession from Leicester House’ and ‘Laying in State’ to left and right.

  • TitleThe funeral procession of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales [graphic].
  • PublicationLondon : Published by T. Doverson, copper plate printer in Green Arbour Court near Little Old Bailey, according to act of Parliament, May 6th, 1751.

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Acquired October 2017

A correct view of the funeral procession of Her Late Most Gracious Majesty

A depiction of Caroline of Brunswick’s funeral procession, which captures the public mood of Caroline having been both poorly treated and sent to an early grave. Groups of men are shown carrying large banners stating ‘The Power of Public Opinion’ and ‘Friends of Humanity’.

  • PrintmakerPollard, James, 1792-1867, printmaker.
  • TitleA correct view of the funeral procession of Her Late Most Gracious Majesty Queen Caroline when passing through the city of London on the 14th of Augst. 1821 [graphic] / drawn & engraved by Pollard.
  • Publication[London] : Pub. by Dean & Munday, Threadneedle Street, Augt. 24, 1821.

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Acquired October 2017

Collection eighteenth century trade cards and bills, between 1737 and 1756

Album of 43 trade cards, of various formats, which have been used as receipts or invoices by the traders and have stab holes resulting from the pin they where put on by an accountant or secretary. A few trade cards are repeated, four are typographically printed, and the rest are engraved or etched. All trade cards and bills are addressed to Mrs. Forth and give a good idea of the expenses and needs of a fashionable household in mid 18th-century London.

  • CreatorForth, Mrs.
  • TitleCollection eighteenth century trade cards and bills, between 1737 and 1756.

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LWL Mss Vol. 230

Acquired March 2017

These are to certifie that the body of [blank]


Records the burial of Jennett Merchant. Dated in manuscript 28 February 1728 and signed off by John Price, mayor of Bristol and initialled by two witnesses

  • Title:These are to certifie that the body of [blank] … [graphic].
  • Published:[Bristol?] : Sold by T.W. in Bristol, [ca. 1728]

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File 66 728 T413

Acquired January 2014