Letter, 1784 January 22

Orford, George Walpole, Earl of, 1730-1791

Letter, 1784 January 22.

LWL Mss File 47

ALS to unnamed recipient asking him to make a payment of interest to Lord Keppel’s agents as well as other financial arrangements. He closes with the announcement that he would be at St James’s the following day ’for my reappointment to the Perks’…George Walpole, third earl of Orford (1730-1791), nephew of Horace Walpole (1717-1797).

Letter, 1784 January 22.

Subjects (Library of Congress): Orford, George Walpole, Earl of, 1730-1791; Keppel, Augustus Keppel, Viscount, 1725-1786.

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