A few serious words from the Hon. T. Lashfools

printed text with etching of dancing figures

A satire on fashion and dancing, which refers to the new mania for waltzes and quadrilles.

  • Author: Lashfools, T., pseud.
  • Title: A few serious words from the Hon. T. Lashfools to his friends.
  • Manufacture: [Edinburgh] : [P. Neill, printer], [circa 1825]

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Analysis of the London ball-room

title page

  • Title: Analysis of the London ball-room : in which is comprised, The history of the polite art, from the earliest period, interspersed with characteristic observations on each of its popular divisions of country dances, which contain a selection of the most fashionable and popular; quadrilles, including Paine’s first set, and a selection from the operas of La gazza ladra, Il don Giovanni, Der freischutz, Pietro l’Eremita, and Il Tancredi; and waltzes: the whole, with the figures annexed to each, calculated for the use of domestic assemblies, and arranged for the piano-forte.
  • Publication: London : Printed for Thomas Tegg, 73, Cheapside, and R. Griffin and Co. Glasgow, 1825.

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The shepherds holyday

see description below“Rural scene with two couples dancing on the left while a man pipes and plays a drum under a tree on the right, and another couple watch at a table in front of him, smoking and drinking; village in the background.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: The shepherds holyday [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Published Oct. 24th, 1794, by John Fairburn, map, chart & printseller, No. 146 Minories, London, [24 October 1793]

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