Her Most Gracious Majesty Caroline

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“Portrait of Queen Caroline wearing hat; profile, head and shoulders to left; with border of acorns and oak leaves and other tree branch leaves.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: Her Most Gracious Majesty Caroline, Queen of England [graphic].
  • Publication: [England] : [publisher not identified], [approximately 1820]

Catalog record

Portraits C292 no. 3++

Acquired July 2023

Address of the Brass Founders and Braziers

printed text

Printed on silk, within decorative borders. Engraved portrait of “Caroline Queen of England” beneath title.
Broadside addressed from the Brass Founders and Braziers in support of Queen Caroline in October 1820, a month before the withdrawal of the Pains and Penalties Bill which aimed to annul Caroline’s marriage to George IV. Beneath the address is a response from Queen Caroline together with an ‘Order of the Procession’ in support of the queen.

  • Title: Address of the Brass Founders and Braziers. To Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Caroline. : … Presented this thirtieth day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty …
  • Publication: [London] : Printed and published by J. Cowie, 58 Shoe Lane, Holborn, [1820]

Catalog Record

File 53 C292 820Ad++

Acquired July 2023


“They have destroyed me”

poem on silk

A illustrated broadside printed on silk.
With an image of a woman weeping at a tombstone enscribed with the words “Great Britain’s Queen, the injured Caroline. Around the border, following the title: Minister! go hang thyself in justice to mankind, for if after this, you die by the ordinary course of Nature, all honest men will be disgraced by sharing even a common death with you.

  • Title“They have destroyed me” : a monody on her late Majesty Queen Caroline, who departed this life August 7, 1821, aged fifty-three.
  • Publication[London?] : [publisher not identified], [1821]

Catalog Record

File 53 C292 821b

Acquired May 2018