Amphitheatre Stork Tavern Yard

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  • Title: Amphitheatre Stork Tavern Yard this present Monday, the 29th day of December, 1806, will be presented a selection of entertainments, hitherto unparalleled, as follows : equestrian trials of skill, by the Youthful Indian and Young Saunders, Clown to the equestrian Departments …An entire new burletta (written by Mr. Barrett) The female jockey …  A grand piece of horsemanship call The sport of the Ring …
  • Published: Birmingham : Wilks & Grafton, Printers (Commercial Herald Office), High Street, [1806].

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Amphithéatre rue du Fauxbourg

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A circus broadside printed on both sides advertising John and Philip Astley’s performances at the Amphitheatre in Paris in 1795. The show included for the first time their performing monkey General Jackoo; the verso of the broadsheet includes a detailed description of some of the tricks that the monkey performed as well ten woodcuts showing the monkey dressed as a human performing his tricks; a 3-year-old child musician; horses dancing a minuet; Chinese shadows; a castle attacked by wild dogs, etc.

  • Author: Astley, Philip, 1742-1814.
  • Title: Amphithéatre rue du Fauxbourg du temple … : exercices surprenans, par le Sieur Astley fils & la grande troupe anglaise : diverse manoeuvres par le fameux singe nommé General Jaco …
  • Published: [Paris] : Perm. de l’Imp. & dist. ce 22 Nov. 1785 De Crosner ; de l’imp de P. de Lormel, rue du Foin, [22 November 1785].

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