Plumpers for Sr. Judas

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A satire against Wray for his proposals to abolish Chelsea Hospital and tax maid-servants, and for his desertion of Fox, for which he was called Judas. In the center of the image Sir Cecil Wray is cudgelled by two Chelsea pensioners as another approaches on crutches from the right. A maid servant on the left is preparing to strike him with her mop as she shouts “I’ll souse him, a dog, tax maid servants, ha!” A fourth pensioner cheers the others on from the background where he sits waving his hat and crutch, his wooden leg having been broken off to use on Wray. All of the pensioners have lost limbs or eyes.

  • Printmaker: Cruikshank, Isaac, 1756?-1811?
  • Title: Plumpers for Sr. Judas, or, the Chealsea pensioners revenge / I.C.
  • Published: [London? : s.n.], pub. 5th April, 1784.

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Acquired October 2011.