A Guide to all the watering and sea-bathing places

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Folding frontispiece of Brighton Pavilion and an engraved pictorial title page preceding six unnumbered preliminary pages.
Four views on each of the 23 plates.

  • Title: A Guide to all the watering and sea-bathing places : description of the lakes, tour in Wales, &c. &c.
  • Publication: London : Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, Paternoster Row, [not before 1820]
  • Manufacture: London : Printed by A. & R. Spottiswoode

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62 820 G946

Acquired May 2023

The Birmingham Register, or, Entertaining Museum

title pageIncludes essays, anecdotes, selections reprinted from other journals such as The Monitor and the continuation of The North Briton; with a ‘Historical memoir’ in each issue including domestic and foreign news, prices of stocks, bankrupts; with poetry selections.
Intended as a supplement to the Birmingham Register newspaper. Published in alternate weeks as a companion to the Coventry Museum.


  • Title: The Birmingham Register, or, Entertaining Museum.
  • Publication: Birmingham [England] : Printed by and for, J. Sketchley, sworn appraiser, auctioneer and salesman, in High-Stret; and sold by T. Luckman, printer, in Coventry; Mr. Pryce, Shrewsbury; Mr. Clare, Bewdley; Mr. Geast, Dudley; Mr. Smart, Walsall; Mrs. Moseley, Kidderminster; Mrs. Unett [sp?], Wolverhampton; … [and 25 others in various provincial towns]; and by all the booksellers in Great-Britain and Ireland, [1764]-

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61 B619

Acquired January 2021

Mr. Wardle and the Duke of York

title page

  • Title: Mr. Wardle and the Duke of York : the corrected speeches of Mr. Wardle, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Whitbread, the Attorney General, Lord Folkstone, Mr. Adam, Secretary at War, Sir Francis Burdett, Sir Samuel Romilly, Mr. Croker, Mr. Wilberforce, Mr. Canning, Mr. Ponsonby, &c., &c., in the Hon. House of Commons, on the charges against His Royal Highness the Duke of York, as Commander in Chief of the British Army / accurately reported by a barrister and revised by most of the speakers on that important question.
  • Published: London : J. Blacklock : C. Chapple, 1809.

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63 809 M939

Acquired January 2021

Godissart de Cari’s Souvenirs de l’Angleterre

Cover of sketchbook

An album of twenty watercolors recording the 1826 journey to England by members of the French Delahaye family. Gaudissart, a family friend of the Delahaye clan, traveled with them from their home in Pierrefitte, near Saint-Denis, recording the sights they saw across The Channel.
With a 16-page letter dated 1826, written in French, addressed by L. Delahaye to her friend Alexandrine upon the Delahayes’ return from England. The letter recounts the family’s journey in great detail from start to finish, and includes several mentions of the (lively) participation of Gaudissart. Also included is a single leaf written ca. 1850 describing the genesis of the album and brief biographical sketch of Gaudissart de Cari.

  • Artist: Cari, Godissart de, -1848, artist.
  • Title: Godissart de Cari’s Souvenirs de l’Angleterre, with a letter from Madame Delahaye, 1826, 1850.

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Acquired March 2019