Portraits of the late and present administration

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  • Author: Green, William, active 1788-1823, author.
  • Title: Portraits of the late and present administration : faithfully drawn from the criterion of their abilities, their integrity, and their confidence with the Nation ; and an address to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales / by William Green.
  • Published: London : Printed for the author, by Bailey and Macdonald, 3, Harris’s place, Pantheon, Oxford-Street, 1807.

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51 A2 G79

Acquired September 2021

The history of Prince Lee Boo

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  • Uniform Title: Prince Lee Boo.
  • Title: The history of Prince Lee Boo : son of Abba Thulle, King of the Pelew Islands : brought to England by Captain Wilson, commander of the Antelope, East India packet, which was wrecked off these islands, on her passage, from China, on the 9th, of August, 1783 : with an account of Lee Boo’s death : and he was buried in Rotherhithe Church-Yard, where a tomb is erected in his memory.
  • Publication: London : Printed for Thomas Hughes, 35, Ludgate Street, 1824.
  • Manufacture: [London] : Plummer and Brewis, Printers, Love Lane, Eastcheap)

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659 824P

Acquired July 2021

Authentic account of forgeries and frauds….

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  • Uniform Title: Authentic account of forgeries and frauds of various kinds committed by Charles Price, otherwise Patch.
  • Title: A new edition, being a more minute and particular account of that consummate adept in deception, Charles Price, otherwise Patch, many years a stock-broker and lottery-office-keeper in London and Westminster : in this edition the whole of his various forgeries and frauds are circumstantially related … till he began that desperate undertaking of forgeries on the Bank of England … : with this edition is given as a frontispiece an exact representation of his person, in the disguise he wore when he negotiated his first parcel of counterfeit bank notes, in the year 1780, and likewise another portrait of him in his usual dress.
  • Publication: London : Printed for the editor, (by whose permission a part only of these memoirs first appeared in the English Chronicle) and sold by G. Kearsley, at no. 46, in Fleet-Street, MDCCLXXXVI [1786]

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53 P925 S786

Acquired April 2020

George Cruikshank : the artist, the humorist, and the man

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Extra-illustrated with 116 additional prints and autograph material: 82 etchings, caricatures, engraved plates, illustrated title pages, and broadsides by George Cruikshank, of which 24 are hand-colored, mounted and captioned in pencil having been trimmed to the image with loss of imprints


  • Author: Bates, William, -1884, author.
  • Title: George Cruikshank : the artist, the humorist, and the man, with some account of his brother Robert : a critico-bibliographical essay / by William Bates … ; with numerous illustrations by G. Cruickshank including several from original drawings in the possession of the author.
  • Edition: Second edition, revised, and augmented by a copiously annotated bibliographical appendix, and additional plates on India paper.
  • Publication: London : Houlston and Sons, Paternoster Square ; Birmingham : Houghton and Hammond, Scotland Passage, 1879.

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75 C889 S879

Acquired March 2020

The female orators

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This title is associated with the print The female orators

  • Author: Scudéry, Madeleine de, 1607-1701.
  • Uniform Title: [Femmes illustres. English]
  • Title: The female orators, or, The courage and constancy of divers famous women, set forth in their undaunted defences and noble resolutions, in preservation of their virtue and liberty. Worthy the perusal and imitation of the fair sex / English’d from the French edition of Monsieur de Scudery.
  • Published: London : Printed for J. Bedford at the Crown, in St. Paul’s Church Yard; and C. Sympson, in Stonecutter Street, Fleet Market, MDCCLXVIII [1768]

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51 Sc436

Acquired August 2013