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A full-length depiction of a female fishmonger composed of fish: her hat is a lobster, her dress a large fillet of a angel (?) fish, her arms composed of various other fish, whole or parts. Behind her a barrel of oysters on a wooden stool.


  • Title: Fish [graphic] / G. Spratt del.
  • Publication: [London] : Pub. by C. Tilt, Fleet Street, 1830.
  • Manufacture: [London] : Printed by G.E. Madeley, Wellington St., Strand

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Acquired June 2022

A scene in the honey moon, or, Conjugal felicity

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“The Duke (left) and Duchess of St. Albans stand facing each other; the little Duke staggering under an ornamental basket which supports a side of bacon, inscribed Best Wiltshire. The Duchess holds on her shoulder a cutter in which are seated six oarsmen with oars held erect, and a helmsman. The Duke is dressed as Grand Falconer (see British Museum Satires No. 15596) and wears a hood with bells indicating both a fool’s cap and the hood and bells of falconry. Two speeches float from his head: [1] “In love connubial, formed to live and last, This gift records a blissful twelvemonth past We claim, then boldly claim the flitch Dunmow First of the blest, who keep the marriag Vow”. [2] I thought the flitch to small a present on this auspicious day so I have brought the Gammon with it Love. The Duchess answers: Thanks for your Bacon Duke well have you Saved it – and in return accept of this small Testimony of my affection. She wears Court dress, coronet, and feathers. The boatmen wear yellow and green liveries, and on the prow is a falcon’s head; the back of the seat in the stern is decorated with a falcon perched on a melon resting on a heap of sovereigns. In the foreground are spectators: on the left the Dukes of Cumberland (wearing his hat) and Sussex stand together with Prince Leopold behind them; on the right is Sir Francis Burdett (son-in-law of Coutts), very thin, surprised, and displeased. In the background are other spectators, their heads concealed by the boat, and on the right a group of singers, some in Tyrolean costume, with (?) Braham and Miss Stephens; they sing: a boat a boat.”–British Museum online catalogue.


  • Printmaker: Heath, William, 1795-1840, printmaker.
  • Title: A scene in the honey moon, or, Conjugal felicity [graphic] / [man with an umbrella] Esqr. del.
  • Publication: [London] : Pub. by T. McLean, 26 Haymarket …, [1828?]

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Acquire June 2020


description belowA coach pulling up to the Post Station, the Cock Inn at left, on route to Brighton. The coach is pulling into the court yard, about to pass under a wooden gate bearing the inn’s sign, while another coach stands at the inn door. People look down from the second story windows. A man waits at the mile marker in front of another building at right. In the foreground to left, a man with a wooden leg carries a small child on his back as he leads a donkey that carries a woman and two children, one of whom appears to be nursing, the other in a basket that hangs over the donkey. Their dog follows behind.

  • Printmaker: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: Sutton [graphic] / drawn by Rowlandson ; tinted by Alken.
  • Publication: [London] : Publish’d June 1, 1790, by Messrs. Robinson’s, Paternoster Row, [1 June 1790]

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Acquired December 2019

Gin, two-penny & tobacco

3 women, one with a basket on her head, another smoking a pipe

Three women, two standing and one sitting smoking a pipe, converse outside a shop, ‘Fine Cordial Gin, two penny & best Virginia’.

  • Printmaker: Grinagain, Giles, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: Gin, two-penny & tobacco [graphic] / Giles Grinagain in. et fect.
  • Publication: [London] : Pub. July 25, 1802, by S. Howitt, Panton Street, Haymarkt, [25 July 1802]

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Acquired November 2017