ll faut des epoux assortis dans les liens du mariage

see description below“Husband and wife dressing in a bedroom, the tent-shaped bed-curtains forming a background. The woman is thin and has a mole on her face, the man broad, but their deficiencies are similar. She stands (left), about to raise her shift and adjust false posteriors. A false bust, false teeth, and wig, simulating natural curls, are on the table behind her, on which are also the man’s wig and an eye in a tumbler of water. Both are bald. He sits (right) in shirt and breeches, about to put on a pair of stockings with false calves of fleece. Both register sour dissatisfaction with themselves and each other.”–British Museum online catalogue, description of an earlier state.

  • Title: ll faut des epoux assortis dans les liens du mariage [graphic] = Persons in wedlock should be properly matched.
  • Publication: London : Pub. Jan. 20, 1820 by S.W. Fores, 50 Piccadilly, [20 January 1820]

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A falling man

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A stout, bald man fallen on his back, supports himself with his one hand and one arm on the ground; one foot raised.

  • Printmaker: Livesay, Richard, 1750-1826, printmaker.
  • Title: [A falling man] [graphic] / Hogarth delint. ; Livesay fecit.
  • Published: [London] : Published Octr. 1788 by Thos. King, New Broad Street [October 1788]

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Hogarth 788.10.00.01

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