A new game of shuttle cock as played by his Majestys servants

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“Ministers and others strike at a shuttlecock above their heads inscribed ‘Speakers Warrant’; among the feathers sits a little man holding a crowned staff; he says: “Curse this game I dont Like it I never experienced Such boning about in my life, I wonder when you will have done”; he is Colman the Serjeant-at-Arms. Eldon, in his Chancellor’s wig and gown and holding the Purse of the Great Seal, is the centre of a close group; he says: “Dont knock it here we have not power to Strike it”. Perceval, in back view, wears his Chancellor of the Exchequer’s gown and holds a document inscribed ‘Majority’; he says: “Curse the thing I wish I had never Seen it away with it”. A second judge whose head is partly visible behind Eldon is probably Ellenborough. On the right is Gibbs, holding a paper inscribed ‘Attorn[ey Gen]eral’. He says: “D-n it Ill hit it as Hard as I can tho I’m almost afraid to meddle with it”. There are two others in the group, one is silent, the other resembles Canning (not in the Ministry); he says: “Sure honey Right or wrong I always stick to the Strongest Side so do let me have a Slap at it”. The sturdiest striker stands in back view on the left, with a paper inscribed ‘Read Bow Street’ projecting from his pocket; he says: “I cant Read it Die Veneris! why its Spanish to me we dont understand Them there warrants”. On the extreme left stands the Speaker, Abbot, with a bat inscribed ‘Double’; he says: “Dont Strike it to me again Ill have nothing more to do with it I’ve sent it to Bow Street”. The bats used are not the usual long-handled battledores as (e.g.) in British Museum Satires No. 9716, but short-handled wooden bats. Above the design: ‘NB The Feathers of the Shuttle Cock were pluked [sic] from a Sumersetshire Goose’ [Lethbridge, see British Museum satires no. 11538].”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Heath, William, 1795-1840, printmaker.
  • Title: A new game of shuttle cock as played by his Majestys servants for the mausement [sic] of John Bull [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Pub. 22 Apl. 1810 by Fores, Picadilli [sic], [22 April 1810]

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