The City-Office and Statute-Hall, for Hiring Servants

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Printed advertisement, issued by Mary Noble, for her servant registry office in London. Noble was proprietor of the business between 1781 and 1785, when the City of London Land Tax records lists her as paying an annual rent and Land Tax for her premises.

  • Author: Noble, Mary, active 1781-1785.
  • Title: The City-Office and Statute-Hall, for Hiring Servants, at No. 100, Fenchurch-Street, opposite the India-Warehouses.
  • Publication: [London] : [M. Noble], [not after 1782]

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By order of the House of Lords, no lady, can claim admission…

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An admission ticket for the fifteenth day of the trial of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville; the impeachment trial took place in Westminster Hall in April-June 1806.

  • Title: By order of the House of Lords, no lady, can claim admission into the seats called the Peeresses Seats by this ticket unless her name is written on the back thereof, on the line denoting the state of her claim. Guydir, Dept. Gt. Ch.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1806]

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A scene in the Crown & Anchor Tavern

A scene in the Crown & Anchor Tavern

“Fox and Sheridan (left) sit together at the head of a rectangular table on which is a punch-bowl, &c, looking with dismay at whigs (right), who advance to hurl their wigs at a large pile of wigs on the left (inscribed ‘The Heads having Scratched out of the Club’), or retire, having already done so. Fox and Sheridan wear enormous wigs, the former says, “Brother: Brother: we are all in the wrong” (showing that they are Peachum and Lockit [Like Newcastle and Fox in 1756 (British Museum Satires no. 3371), Burke and Sheridan in 1790 (British Museum Satires no. 7627), Burke and Fox in 1791 (British Museum Satires no. 7856).] in Gay’s ‘Beggar’s Opera’, II. ii). Before Fox is a list with names scored through. Sheridan grasps a bottle of ‘Sherry’. A couple advance together, in the act of hurling their large wigs at the pile; one says, “I will Scratch out my Name in hopes of getting in for the City” (probably Nathaniel Newnham, returned for the City 1784, but defeated in 1790, cf. British Museum Satires no. 7162). The other is perhaps Windham. The only one of the retiring wigless Whigs who is characterized is Burke. All say: “We have erased our Names for ever from the Club, when the Artful & Ambitious designs of a Faction are carried on under a Mask of Prudential Reform & when the leading Members are Notoriously known to Carry on a secret Correspondence with the Avowed Enemies of the Constitution they Affect to Support & Defend it is high time for all prudent & real friends to that Constitution to leave them to their Just Punishment, the Contemp of all true Friends to their King and Constitution.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • TitleA scene in the Crown & Anchor Tavern, or, A crack in the Wig Club [graphic].
  • Publication[London] : Pub. March 17, 1793, by S.W. Fores, No. 3 Piccadilly … , [17 March 1793]

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The whole truth, or, John Bull with his eyes opened

Caricature with Queen Caroline (left) as Lady Macbeth in the mad scene, standing in the street before two shops; she holds a candlestick raised in her right hand as she holds out her dress with her left hand, looking down horror at her skirt which is decorated with three panels with images of men and labeled “Man B”, “Austi”, “Sapio”, “Mat …”, and “Bat”. The initials “C.B” are embroidered on the trim of her knickers. Standing to her right is an astonished John Bull who holds his hat in front of his face, arm extended in horror. The shop on the left is identified by a sign below second story windows with broken glass: Wholesale Dealer in Brass Forges, Ranges, &c N.B. Odd jobs in general. The street level is shuttered, its doors covered in graffiti: Gone away, Gone abroad, Empty, M.T. The one door has a knocker in the shape of a ram’s head. John Bull stands before the second door which stands open as if he has just emerged. The windows are curtained and the building well maintained. The large sign above reads “Time & Common-Sense Occulists. N.B. Films expeditiously removed &c. Below this sign (left) is a pair of large spectacles with the two eyeballs turned towards the shop on the left and a smaller sign (right) that reads “No connexion with the next shop.”

  • PrintmakerLane, Theodore, 1800-1828, printmaker.
  • TitleThe whole truth, or, John Bull with his eyes opened [graphic].
  • Publication[London] : Pubd. by G. Humphrey, 27 St. James’s St., Feb. 1st, 1821.

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The west prospect of St. Martin’s Church in the Fields, Westminster

lwlpr34232 (1024x813)

“View of the west front of the church, a graveyard to the right; in sky a scroll with a dedication to Browne Willis Esq; a flag flying from the top of the tower.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerVertue, George, 1684-1756, printmaker.
  • TitleThe west prospect of St. Martin’s Church in the Fields, Westminster [graphic].
  • Publication[London : publisher not identified], 1744]

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Topos L847 no. 148+

Acquired May 2016

John Bristow, engine-maker,

lwlpr32005 (833x1024)

Letterpress broadside with a hand-colored etched and engraved header illustrating the use of a fire-engine at the site of the Cornhill fire, which occurred on 25 March 1748.

  • TitleJohn Bristow, engine-maker, to all His Majesty’s forts, garrisons, dock-yards and other public offices belonging to His Majesty’s Royal Navy …
  • Published[London : Publisher not identified, not before 1748]

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This indenture witnesseth that [Hugh Forster otherwise Foyster] of his own free will …



An printed indenture form apprenticing a poor boy for a period of seven years, issued by the Mayor of the Town of Stamford, Lincolnshire and acting as trustee of an annuity paid from the estate of Thomas Earl of Exeter.

  • TitleThis indenture witnesseth that [blank] of his own free will and with the consent of [blank] Gentleman, Mayor of the Town or Borough of Stamford in the County of Lincoln … trustee for the annuity or rent charge of forty one pounds one shilling and eight pence, giving by the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Exeter deceased, for putting out poor children of the said town apprentices …
  • Created[Lincoln?] : [s.n.], [17–]

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Useful and legal information to purchasers & possessors of estates

Title Page: Useful and legal information to purchasers & possessors of estates

  • Author: Trusler, John, 1735-1820.
  • Title: Useful and legal information to purchasers & possessors of estates, houses, annuities, advowsons, mortgages, tontines, loans, &c : their comparative value, security, & attendant expences; with the most advantageous modes of investing money; together with every necessary table for calculation. Particularly useful to conveyancers / by the Rev. Dr. Trusler.
  • Published: Bath : Printed by Keenes’, 7, Kingsmead-Street; and sold by A. Whellier, No. 3, Paternoster-Row, London; where may be had, gratis, catalogues of all Dr. Trusler’s useful and elementary publications, [not after 1812].

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Acquired February 2012