A letter to the Right Honourable the Lady V—ss V—

printed text

Letter to the Right Honourable the Lady Vicountess Vane

  • Title: A letter to the Right Honourable the Lady V—ss V—, occasioned by the publication of her memoirs in The adventures of Peregrine Pickle.
  • Publication: London : Printed for W. Owen, at Homer’s Head, with Temple-Bar, 1751.

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53 V249 751

Acquired June 2022

The princess’s tomb : a dialogue for the nursery

description below

A poem, printed within black mourning border, illustrated above title with an image of an urn mounted on a plinth, her life dates engraved on the plinth; behind a weeping willow. Five stanzas of verse in letterpress at the bottom

  • Title: The princess’s tomb : a dialogue for the nursery.
  • Publication: [London] : Published for the Authoress, and sold by T. Gardiner and Son, 20, Princes-Street, Cavendish-Square; N. Hailes, London Musuem, Piccadilly; and T. Sizuer, Juvenile Library, 259, Oxford-Street, and 209, Piccadilly, [1817]

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File 56 C47 817P

Acquired February 2022

An account of the proceedings respecting the Armed Association

printed text

An account of the foundation meeting of the Hull Armed Association, set up by the ‘Merchants, Ship-Owners, and other Inhabitants’ in February 1798 to ‘assist the Magistrates in support of Civil Society, and for the Defence of the Town, in case the Military should be ordered away, to oppose the landing or resist the progess of the Enemy’.

  • Title: An account of the proceedings respecting the Armed Association of the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood of Kingston-upon-Hull.
  • Publication: [Hull?] : [publisher not identified], [1798?]

Catalog Record

File 63 H87 798+

Acquired March 2022

To the constables, tythingmen, and other his Majesty’s Peace Officers

printed form with manuscript text

  • Title: To the constables, tythingmen, and other his Majesty’s Peace Officers of [blank] in the said county, for due execution and return therof. : You are hereby required in his Majesty’s name, forthwith to summon and warn [blank] to appear before me, or others of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the said county …
  • Publication: [Somerton, England] : [publisher not identified, [ca. 1809]
  • Manufacture: [Somerton, England] : Barrett, typ. Somerton, [ca. 1809]

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File 66 809 T627

Acquired October 2021

No. [blank]. Excise-Office, at [blank] in [blank]

printed form with handwritten notations

Receipt for payment of carriage tax

  • Title: No. [blank]. Excise-Office, at [blank] in [blank] Distt. [blank] Colln. [blank] 1748.
  • Publication: [England] : [Excise Office], [1748]

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File 66 748 R297

Acquired October 2021

Portrait of G.F. Handel, from a painting by Hogarth

description below

“Portrait of G.F. Handel, from a painting by Hogarth, then in the etcher’s collection; bust directed to the right, looking towards the viewer, in fur-trimmed cap and coat.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Read, David Charles, 1790-1851, printmaker.
  • Title: [Portrait of G.F. Handel, from a painting by Hogarth] [graphic].
  • Publication: [Salisbury, England] : [David Charles Read], [not after 1830]

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Acquired January 2022

A view of the canal, Chinese building, rotunde, in Ranelagh Gardens

description below

A view of Ranelagh Gardens during a masquarade, with the revellers wearing masks. After a design by Canaletto. For an engraving of the same scene in reverse, published by Robert Sayer in 1752, see British Museum online catalogue, registration no.: 1880,1113.2450.

  • Title: A view of the canal, Chinese building, rotunde [sic], in Ranelagh Gardens, with masquarade [sic] [graphic] = Vüe du canal, du batiment chinois, de la rotunda, &c. des Jardins de Ranelagh, un jour de masquarade / […?] sculp.
  • Publication: [France?] : [publisher not identified], [ca. 1765]

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Acquired April 2022

The general simple interest table

printed text

A compendious table for finding in a decimal expression the interest of any sum for one day at 5% per ann. and so for any rate

  • Author: Hundeshagen, Thomas, author, publisher.
  • Title: The general simple interest table / Hundeshagen scrip. ; Bickham sculp.
  • Publication: [London] : Publish’d 26 March 1741 by Thomas Hundeshagen at the Hand and Pen in Salisbury Street, in the Strand …, [26 March 1741]

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File 66 741 H933

Acquired June 2020

John Broughton, prize fighter

description below

“Copy of a man with shaven head (James Figg) in casual dress, holding quarter-staff in his right hand and round-brimmed hat in the left, standing whole length to front in a landscape, with head tilted to right, glancing towards the viewer, smiling with lips parted; after a painting by Hogarth in a private collection.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Ross, F., active 1828-1849, printmaker.
  • Title: John Broughton, prize fighter [graphic] : from the original picture (of the same size) by William Hogarth, in the collection of Henry Ralph Willett, Esqre. of Merly House, in the County of Dorset / W. Hogarth ; F. Ross.
  • Publication: London : Published for the proprietor March 25th, 1842, by W. & G. Smith, 24 Lisle Street, Leicester Square, [25 March 1842]
  • Manufacture: [London] : C. Graf, lith. to Her Majesty

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Acquired December 2021