The good man at the hour of death

see description belowAn allegorical print with two tableaux illustrating on the right, the end of a righteous life and on the left the end of the life of a man who made wealth his object of faith. The religious man in bed surrounded by books and against the background of an attractive library, is greeted by the winged figure of Time clutching a scythe and an hourglass. In contrast, the greedy man, his gouty leg wrapped in bandages and resting on a stool, recoils against the figure of a spear-wielding skeleton, upsetting his table.

  • Title: The good man at the hour of death [graphic] ; The bad man at the hour of death.
  • Publication: [London] : Sold by C. Sheppard, No. 19 Lambeth Hill, Doctors Commons, London, [between 1786 and 1791]

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Britannia seated under an oak

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  • Printmaker: Grignion, Charles, 1721-1810, printmaker.
  • Title: Britannia seated under an oak, amidst the symbols of war, agriculture & the polite arts, receives from the hand of Minerva the original proposals for the institution of the Westminster New Lying-in Hospital [graphic] : by her side stands Charity, who expatiates on the utility of the design & points at a perspective elevation of the hospital; Pendant on the oak is a Tuscan sheild with the arms of Earl Percy who generously patroniz’d the first undertaking, & at the top are placed the arms of the City of Westminster / S. Wale del. ; C. Grignion sc.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [not before 1767]

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Edwd. Orme, removed from Conduit Stt.

A trade card issued by Edward Orne announcing a change of address for his printselling, framing and stationery business from Conduit Stree to New Bond Street. The image show a cherub emerging from a break in a thick bank of clouds, as he holds a caducesus. On the right a bearded man in a cap and in a fur trimmed cloak reaches toward the cherub; the man has a snake at his feet. High in the center a bat flies toward the scene.

  • Creator: Orme, Edward, 1775-1848.
  • Title: Edwd. Orme, removed from Conduit Stt. to 59 New Bond Street, corner of Brook Street [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [Edwd. Orme], [ca. 1801]

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Britannia’s glory

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William Pitt created the Earl of Chatham on 29 July 1766 stands on the prostrate body of Envy alongside the Lord Chancellor Pratt, as they are presented by the figure of Justice to Britannia who receives the peers with pleasure. Minerva overhead holds two laurel wreaths over the heads of the statesmen. In the upper left Fame proclaims the event on her trumpet. On the right, in the background, the half-naked figure of the “scribler” (i.e. political opponent of the peers) is tied to the back of a cart and whipped by a hangman.

  • Title: Britania’s Glory.
  • Published: [London] : Sold by J. Williams at No. 36, next the Mitre Tavern, Fleet Street, Augt. 1766.

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