Scrapbook of newspaper clippings…trial of Queen Caroline

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A collection of newspaper cuttings taken from Liverpool newspapers from June to October 1820 containing reports and comments about the trial of Queen Caroline. The clippings are mounted on a re-purposed printed ledger, some of whose annotations can be seen beneath the clippings pasted on the pages, assembled by an unidentified collector. The newspapers include the Liverpool or Commercial, Literary; the Globe; the Liverpool Mercury, &c. The final twenty pages contain clippings from 1826 covering a variety of economic topics including the silk trade.

  • Title: Scrapbook of newspaper clippings from Liverpool newspapers concerning the trial of Queen Caroline : printed text.
  • Production: Liverpool, 1820-1826.

Catalog RecordĀ 

LWL Mss Vol. 243

Acquired October 2018

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