Records of Odd Fellows Woolwich No. 4 Lodge

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Manuscript in multiple hands and records the names of new members and their supports as well as the election of officers of the Lodge from 1792-1813, with occasional summaries of expenses and minutes of specific meetings, including motions taken to fine members for a failure to behave according to Lodge rules p. On the first page of the manuscript are neatly tabulated the ‘Names – Trade or calling – Place of Abode – [and] When Enterd.’ It is quite clear that this was chiefly a professional class as the list includes three Watch Makers on this first page, but also a surgeon, a ‘H[ouse] Carpenter’, ‘Hair Dresser’, Victullar, Broker, Baker, Breeches maker and Joiner. In all 280 members are tabulated until the first phase of the Lodge petered out in 1797. The trades were all chiefly connected with Naval construction many being shipwrights, Sail Makers, Rope Makers, Founders, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Painters, Blacksmiths, Engravers, ‘Rigor’ with just a few Mariners, Coachmen, Gardners, Husbandmen, and quite a few more ‘Hair Dressers’ but only one Schoolmaster.


  • Author: Grand United Order of Odd Fellows. Woolwich Lodge.
  • Title: Records of Odd Fellows Woolwich No. 4 Lodge : manuscript.
  • Production: Woolwich, London, 1792-1814.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss Vol. 265

Acquired May 2020

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