Caroline and Bergami sit together in an opera-box

Caroline and Bergami sit together in an opera-box, frowning angrily at the occupants of the pit, all men, who look up at the box disapprovingly. Bergami holds a bottle labelled ‘Essence of Bergamot’ and wears a braided hussar uniform. Caroline is very décolletée, with loose black curls and a four-cornered headdress. The Arms of the Republic of Genoa are on the wall beside them with a harp and musical score below. The front of the box is decorated with two cupids holding a ribbon.

  • Printmaker: Lane, Theodore, 1800-1828, printmaker.
  • Title: Modesty! [graphic].
  • Publication: London : Pubd. by G. Humphrey, 27 St. James’s St., June 7, 1821.

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Acquired March 2019

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