Letter : London, to his uncle, 1798 August 21

Italian engraver and printmaker Luigi Schiavonetti (1765-1810) arrived in London around 1790 and was employed by Bartolozzi before setting up a successful business with his brother Niccolò. Schiavonetti’s varied output included book illustrations, prints and cards. Autograph letter signed, in Italian, from Luigi Schiavonetti to his uncle in Italy. Writing from London, Schiavonetti confides that his relatives, the climate, society and works of art in Italy are still in his heart and he would return were it not for the ailing state of the Italian print market and the uncertain political climate. He continues by noting that if he were to return to Italy and take up the kind offer of a pension from the Venetian government then he would have to abandon his well-established business in London and leave England, where he considers the art of engraving is more advanced than in any other country. Though he cannot take up the offer he requests that his uncle thank those that have promoted the proposal.

  • AuthorSchiavonetti, Luigi, 1765-1810.
  • TitleLetter : London, to his uncle, 1798 August 21.

Catalog Record 

LWL Mss File 138

Acquired July 2017

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