John Bristow, engine-maker,

lwlpr32005 (833x1024)

Letterpress broadside with a hand-colored etched and engraved header illustrating the use of a fire-engine at the site of the Cornhill fire, which occurred on 25 March 1748.

  • TitleJohn Bristow, engine-maker, to all His Majesty’s forts, garrisons, dock-yards and other public offices belonging to His Majesty’s Royal Navy …
  • Published[London : Publisher not identified, not before 1748]

Catalog Record & Digital Collection

File 66 748 J65++

Acquired September 2014

2 thoughts on “John Bristow, engine-maker,

  1. My research is 18th & 19th century fire engines and their makers, I have a B & W copy of this print but is a copy of this one available. Roy Rice Banwell England BS29 6BN

    • We would be happy to provide you with a digital version of this print at no cost. You will receive an email shortly.

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