George Cruikshank : the artist, the humorist, and the man

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Extra-illustrated with 116 additional prints and autograph material: 82 etchings, caricatures, engraved plates, illustrated title pages, and broadsides by George Cruikshank, of which 24 are hand-colored, mounted and captioned in pencil having been trimmed to the image with loss of imprints


  • Author: Bates, William, -1884, author.
  • Title: George Cruikshank : the artist, the humorist, and the man, with some account of his brother Robert : a critico-bibliographical essay / by William Bates … ; with numerous illustrations by G. Cruickshank including several from original drawings in the possession of the author.
  • Edition: Second edition, revised, and augmented by a copiously annotated bibliographical appendix, and additional plates on India paper.
  • Publication: London : Houlston and Sons, Paternoster Square ; Birmingham : Houghton and Hammond, Scotland Passage, 1879.

Catalog Record

75 C889 S879

Acquired March 2020

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