Gazette Extraordinary! A glorious action!

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A satire, using a naval metaphor, on the trial of Queen Caroline. ‘Dispatches have this day received, announcing a glorious and desperate action, which was fought off St. Stephen’s Bay, in which the vessels engaged were the Carolina, Captain Wood, the other parts of the division were brought into action by Lieutenant Browham and Dingman. The Caslteair, a 74, was commanded by the gallant Loverpool, Elden, and Sid. …’

  • Title: Gazette Extraordinary! A glorious action! Between the Carolina, a true blue frigate; and the Castleair, a first rate man of war.
  • Publication: [England] : [publisher not identified], [1820]

Catalog Record

File 53 C292 820Ga

Acquired July 2023

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