Course of the exchange, &c.

Course of the exchange, &c.

Single issue only. This twice weekly account of the price of money, precious metals, grain, cochineal, stocks, bonds, lottery tickets, Exchequer annuities, etc. began publishing 1719, ran to at least 1758.

  • Title: Course of the exchange, &c.
  • Published: London : Published Tuesdays and Fridays, by George Shergold, broker, and the sister of the late John Castaing, 1719-.

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Acquired July, 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.

One thought on “Course of the exchange, &c.

  1. this is a most important piece of paper, containing I suspect to something with more volume. I understand it this way, Richard Shergold was a broker of Threadneedle St London. He is cited in the British library of helping a disabled person retrieving a purse lost on a London St, meeting Samuel Pepys a numerous amount of times including upon London Bridge during the Great Fire of 1666. His son George mentioned here is that of Iver Manor Buckinghamshire who alienated it in 1776 to Mary Shergold wife of another notable Rev Durand Rhudde. George was mentioned elsewhere as being a mariner of a ship in famous sea battle of England.. Richard Shergold had many children and was originally of Shergolds of Wiltshire associated closely with Rev John Shergold of Devizes through connection in the family. Also of the time was Sutton the magistrate who was one of the founders of the Stock Exchange and was responsible for sending one John Shergold aboard the Barwell to Australia, whom married again and visited New Zealand. Richard Cooke Shergold his brother was through decendancy the primary foundation of Shergolds in Aston/Birmingham after servitude of Staines branch in the publican domain….. It is lovely to see part of Castraings work after all these years, and I notice of this site that Walpole the Prime Minister is mentioned for which communications in the British library also exist with both George and Richard, Richard in protest of something or another; and George who became an Excise officer at Southampton…… more facts available in detail by contacting me

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