Confined in the Fleet Prison

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“Copy of a room in the Fleet Prison; Tom sits at a table, to left, on which is a rejection letter from John Rich to whom he has submitted a play; his wife clenches her fists, the gaoler asks for garnish money and a boy asks payment for a tankard of ale; to left, Sarah Young has fainted and is being administered smelling salts by one woman while another slaps her hand, her child clings to her skirt; she is supported by an older man with a beard who has dropped a sheet containing a scheme for paying the national debt (a reference to such a scheme put forward by Hogarth’s father); in the background an alchemist works at a forge.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: Confined in the Fleet Prison [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Published with the consent of Mr. William Hogarth by Tho. Bakewell, according to act of Parliament, July 1735.

Catalog Record

Hogarth 735.07.00.01+ Box 200

Acquired January 2021


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