[Collection of prints of French 18th-century carriages]

A group of etchings of 18th century French carriages, based on English designs, from a set issued in six series (A-E) containing six prints each. Each etching provides side and back views of the carriage as well as a schematic of the undercarriage, the parts of which are labeled with letters and explained in text along the left edge of the plate.

  • Printmaker: Choffard, Pierre-Philippe, 1730-1809, printmaker.
  • Uniform Title: [Modèles de voitures bourgeoises à la française]
  • Title: [Collection of prints of French 18th-century carriages] [graphic].
  • Publication: [Paris] : [Chéreau], [between 1775 and 1790]

Catalog Record

Folio 724 775C

Acquired August 2019

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