Account for brickmaking and building the garden wall…

Railton, George

Account for brickmaking and building the garden wall for the Honble. Sir Christ. Musgrave at Eden Hall, 1731 May -1734 June.

LWL Mss File 38

Manuscript, in a single hand, describing the work of four men who made a garden wall at Sir Christopher Musgrave’s estate, Edenhall. The accounting includes 39,500 bricks as well as other supplies and the labour in a specified number of days. Final payment is recorded in June 1734.

Account for brickmaking and building the garden wall...Subjects (Library of Congress): Musgrave, Christopher, Sir, 1688-1736; Walls–Design and construction–Early works to 1800.

Lewis Walpole Library new acquisition: September, 2010

2 thoughts on “Account for brickmaking and building the garden wall…

  1. I am interested that you have documentation from the estate of Sir Christopher Musgrave. I am a philatelist and Postal Historian and have amongst my boxes of various items an early letter to Sir Christoper at his estate in Edenhall near Penrith in what is now Cumbria but then Cumberland. (By the By and not connected my Gt Gt Grandfather was born there!). The letter is from his brother and dated July 26 and it bears a poor strike of a Dockwra Post triangle and a Bishop Mark JY\26. Sadly, I suspect the item has been ‘trimmed’ at somepoint judging from where the seal is located and hence the year is not indicated.

    If the item is of interest to the library as part of it’s archive please let me know.

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