Welcome to the LET(s)Lead Academy Cohort 6

About LET(s)Lead Academy Cohort 6: Australia 2022

In partnership with National Mental Health Consumer & Carer Forum (NMHCCF) and Mental Health Lived Experience Engagement Network (MHLEEN) in Australia, the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health (Yale PRCH) began the sixth cohort of the LET(s)Lead Academy on February 11, 2022, with 15 emerging leaders with lived experience. After ten weeks of classes about transformational leadership, mental health advocacy, and cultural humility and justice, Fellows will be assigned mentors to support them in creating a transformational community project to use their newly developed leadership skills in their local area. The academy will continue to meet monthly for leadership development and project support until graduation in Spring or Summer (AUS) 2022.

Using this Website

On this website, you can connect with other LET(s)Lead students, faculty, and course mentors about the readings and videos, class presentations, and your projects outside of class hours by clicking on “Discussions” in the menu bar. For specific discussion topics, see “Categories” in the sidebar. You can also find each class’s homework, recording, and course evaluation by clicking on the appropriate page in the menu bar. Click on the “Contact Information” page to find faculty and course mentor e-mail addresses, with student contact information coming soon!