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Why Is Solar Energy Becoming More Popular?

With destructive wars being fought over our planet’s limited resources, switching to renewable energy is becoming ever more relevant. Although solar power has been around for decades, it has recently experienced a surge in adoption rates. Let us explore the many reasons why solar energy is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Better for the Environment

We would all love to keep our individual carbon footprints in check. While volunteering to protect rainforests or participating in a climate march may be out of your comfort zone, installing solar in your home is a practical way to start putting your aspirations into action.

Solar power is generated through photovoltaic technology and it is natural, renewable, and clean. It does not involve the burning of any fossil fuels or the emission of greenhouse gasses that contribute to the global climate change crisis. You also avoid contributing to the high levels of air and water pollution that come from the collection of fossil fuels.

Saves on Bills

Nobody likes to receive a huge power bill at the end of the month. Conventional energy costs are skyrocketing and are projected to continue rising. Therefore, it makes sense to consider financially-sound alternatives that provide you with a return on your investment.

With advances in manufacturing technology and a glut in the market, residential solar energy systems are more affordable than before. While some people may be tempted to wait for solar prices to decline further, every bill you pay for conventional energy is money thrown away forever.

On the other hand, while a solar energy system requires a larger upfront cost, it is a form of long-term investment. Experts estimate that solar energy systems pay for themselves in as little as five years and will save you thousands of dollars in power bills after that.

Pays For Itself

Aside from reducing conventional power usage, a solar energy system comes with other financial benefits. Depending on where you are situated, there could be several government incentives for users of solar power that can help you save on both installation and operation costs.

Feed-in tariffs are another way that solar energy users can profit. When your solar panels produce more energy than your batteries can store, this excess energy can be sold back to the energy grid operator. Although feed-in tariffs will not make you rich, they can offset your household expenses.

Adds Property Value

As home buyers grow more invested in environmental responsibility, a solar energy system can add substantial value to the sale price of your property. Today’s solar panels and batteries are slim, sleek, and add a high-tech touch to your modern home.

If you are looking to sell soon, upgrading your home by installing a solar energy system is a quick and fuss-free way to increase the wow factor. If you are not ready to put your home on the market yet, you can still enjoy the benefits of generating your own energy in the meantime.

Enables Self-Reliance

In this time of political instability, it is important to be able to depend on yourself. A solar energy system offers you the freedom to enjoy electricity without being tied to the volatile, market-driven utility grid. Because they are self-contained, solar energy systems are the perfect solution for remote rural homes.

For those who prefer to remain tied to the grid, solar energy systems with powerful solar batteries will ensure that you enjoy more power security. In the event of a power supply disruption, your batteries will continue to provide energy for hours, ensuring that your fridge and other essential appliances continue to function.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike other renewable energy resources such as windmills, solar panels are fairly easy to maintain. They have no moving parts and therefore experience minimal malfunction or wear and tear. High-performance solar panels still operate efficiently even if they are dirty.

The only maintenance you need to perform on your solar panels is to ensure that there are no overhanging branches or objects that may fall onto the panels and damage them. You can also wash the surface of the panels periodically. With proper care, your solar panels can continue to work well for twenty to thirty years.

Solar energy technology for the home is now incredibly advanced. Intelligent solar energy systems such as the Tesla Powerwall can vastly lower your usage of grid power. Batteries are scalable and multiple units can be combined for an impressive amount of storage. You can even monitor the status of your solar battery through a mobile app.

Whether you want to achieve total energy independence or minimize your household’s impact, solar can help you to reduce your reliance on the utility grid and the polluting fossil fuel industry. The sun is a renewable resource that we can all tap into. Save your wallet and the environment by considering solar power for your home.

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