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What Are the Benefits of Herbal Medicine?

Herbal remedies have been in use for thousands of years by indigenous tribes and cultures like the Africans, Indians, and Chinese. Before we had synthetic medicine in the West, our apothecaries were similarly full of medicinal herbs and folk therapies.

While some of the more outlandish treatments were unfounded, many of the ingredients used by our ancestors have been proven to have therapeutic effects. What are the benefits of herbal medicine to our bodies, and how can this ancient wisdom help us today?

1. Fewer Side Effects

Did you know that 66 percent of adults in the United States use prescription drugs? Because prescription medication can be strong, it can be accompanied by significant side effects. Even common antibiotics that doctors often prescribe can create gastrointestinal issues such as cramps and diarrhea as well as cause serious issues like heart palpitations or seizures.

In contrast, herbal medicines are generally gentler on the body. When taken at the recommended doses, natural treatments result in fewer side effects. By using a natural drug instead of a pharmaceutical one, you may be able to reduce your reliance on synthetic medications and avoid their possible side effects. If you are currently on prescription medications be sure to check for drug interactions before taking herbal remedies.

2. More Accessible

Healthcare is getting increasingly expensive. Without insurance, it can cost a fortune just to see a general practitioner and a ton more to purchase the prescribed drugs. Since they are crafted from bountiful natural resources instead of being synthetically manufactured in a lab, herbal medicines are generally more affordable. This also means that they are easier for people to obtain than prescription medicine.

While you may like to consult an alternative medicine practitioner or a trained traditional healer before committing to an herbal treatment program, you do not have to navigate the prescription medication procedure created by Big Pharma. Once you know which herbs you need, you can purchase quality natural supplements easily from reputable online stores such as Ancient Bliss.

3. Holistic Health

Unlike many modern approaches that manage symptoms without addressing the root causes, traditional medicine is all about holistic health and maintaining balance within the body. This means that your alternative medicine practitioner will try to diagnose what your body is trying to tell you and formulate a treatment plan that is matched to your specific physical condition and requirements.

This journey of restoration is sometimes not simply one of the body but also of the mind and spirit. Although modern medicine understands the connection between psychological and physiological health, it can be difficult to find doctors who are able to guide their patients to full healing. Natural practitioners, however, are more open to integrating therapies to achieve true holistic health.

4. Empower Yourself

Herbal medicine offers you autonomy, whether you are disillusioned with the modern medical system or simply want to be more in control of your health. Traditional healers provide their patients with the knowledge to prevent illness, manage their chronic conditions, and promote healing. Once you are attuned to your body, you will be able to see and feel the effects of the herbal supplements that you take.

Because you can witness the positive effects on your body when you make lifestyle changes for the better, you become more motivated and empowered to undertake the journey of healing. Your fate is no longer in the hands of pharmaceuticals and multimillion-dollar corporations. Your health is in your hands, and you are informed enough to make the right choices and give your body what it needs.

What is Ancient Bliss?

Created in 2021, Ancient Bliss is a young company that brings age-old wisdom into healthcare. Its founder, Macy Schuchart, is passionate about preventative healthcare and the herbal knowledge taught by the indigenous people of Hawaii. The brand prides itself on crafting herbal supplements that enhance not only your health but also your happiness.

All the components used in Ancient Bliss supplements are extensively researched and meticulously prepared. Herbal ingredients can easily lose their potency when handled incorrectly. This is why some poor-quality supplements can have little or no effect. Ancient Bliss components are processed with the utmost care to ensure that they retain their potency and deliver the most beneficial results.

Although Ancient Bliss products are made of potent herbs instead of synthetic compounds, all their supplements are subject to rigorous testing and quality checks. This ensures that only the purest, safest, and most effective products leave their NSF GMP-registered dietary supplement manufacturing facility. In addition, composition, strength, quality, and purity details are clearly marked on every label.

As we look towards the oldest cultures in the world, we realize that they have so much knowledge to impart. Ancient Bliss combines indigenous wisdom with the strictest of manufacturing standards to produce supplements that give us the best of both worlds.

If you are tired of modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, consider the potential of traditional herbal medicine. Consult a doctor with experience in alternative medicine or speak to a trained traditional healer to find out how herbal medicine can heal you from the inside out.

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