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Shopping For Your College Formal Dress? Read This First!

You very well might show up to college classes in sweatpants and a ratty tank top. I mean, it’s just regular school right? But when it’s time for that hall social, sorority, and graduation, girl you better SHOW UP in your formal dresses! We’ve compiled some nifty outfit plus accessories to help your glow up before strutting into that dance hall.

Best part, you can totally shop online for the best deals! Typically, there’ll be a much more extensive selection online than your regular neighbourhood mall. Coupled with free returns and same-day delivery options, you can try on multiple options from the comfort of your home. Just give yourself some leeway and start shopping early on, or risk losing out on your dress size or getting your dream dress snapped up in a blink of an eye!

  1. School Formals 

We know ball gowns are de facto choice, and not without good reason. They’re often in more conservative cuts, with a wide range of colours and use more luxe fabrics like velvet, satin  brocade just to name a few. However, their price tags are rather steep and you probably won’t have the chance to wear it again unless it’s for another formal event. If these are your concerns, why not consider an on-trend party or cocktail dress? Amp up the formal bling factor with some chunky layered jewellery, a bejeweled pair of stilettos and a clutch-turned-sling for your essentials! It’s time to leave the roomy, oversized totes at home in favour of dainty, handheld bags. As such, you’ll have to get creative with the things you choose to bring along. Essentially the bare minimum will suffice, like your car keys, driver’s license, credit cards, some cash, and a lipstick. Everything else will either have to stay in the car or be foregone altogether. You can even consider bringing a wristlet along! It’ll help keep your valuables close by and prevent you from misplacing them throughout the night as you mingle and dance.

Colours-wise, we’ll look to the seasons to decide. Think deep, rich jewel tones for the fall and winter, while light bright pastels and florals will be gorgeous in the spring and summertime. 

  1. Sororities

Most sorority initiations will require an all-white dress code. Well, the options for white are simply endless! Classic white doesn’t have to be boring — explore unique cuts like a halterneck, off-shoulder or interesting fabrics such as lace or velvet. For a softer, feminine touch, blush or rose gold-coloured accessories add a hint of colour without overpowering the outfit. 

  1. Military Balls

Service members are decked out in their full military uniforms, and boy is that a sight to behold! Hold your ground with a long and sophisticated look, preferably in a colour that compliments your date’s uniform. Most military balls tend to err on the side of caution, so opt for a conservative cover-up like shawls, jackets or cardigans that help to keep you warm throughout the event. 

  1. Weddings 

Pay close attention to the dress code indicated in the wedding invite. Is it black tie? White tie? Formal? Or even smart casual? If you need more clues, an important one is actually the wedding venue. Check out what other people typically wear to that venue for more style inspiration. Most part dresses will be appropriate, but opt for a deeper colour and longer length if the occasion requires black tie. As usual, avoid white as it’s a faux pas for weddings, but a small accent or trim shouldn’t be too big of a problem. 

  1. Graduation

Its the final college milestone, and we think now’s the time to make your outfit count! Celebrate your achievement with something mature and ladylike, to signify your growth for the past couple years as you prepare to graduate into the workforce! 

Do keep in mind that for the most part of the ceremony, you’ll be in your cap and gown, so opt for a fabric choice that’s both lightweight and breathable. 

Last But Not Least

Prep time starts the night before. Hit the sack early, give yourself ample time to get ready for the big event. Drink loads of water and regular food intake for energy to last the night. 

Finally, you’ve got on the perfect dress that accentuates your figure and hugs you in all the right places. Along with the perfect clutch, jewellery and heels, you’re practically stealing the spotlight at this point. However, there’s one last secret ingredient that can take your outfit from great to stellar – killer confidence! Even if it’s your first college formal, it’s probably someone else’s too so they’re probably just as nervous. Strut into the hall confidently, knowing that you’re looking your best and with a beautiful smile for an amazing first impression!

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