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Plan Your Next Business Event From The Ground Up

Are you getting ready to plan your next business event? This could be a meeting with crucial investors or a marketing pitch that is designed to help your company get a fresh jolt of interest, increasing demand in your products or services. Regardless of what type of event you are preparing for, it’s important to make sure that you are planning it the right way. Here are the elements we recommend that you do explore. 

Choose The Right Location 

One of the first things you need to think about is where you want to hold your next event. This is something vital that will need to be set in stone quite early on. This is so you can organize everything else that goes alongside choosing the right venue. Think about how many people will likely turn up, this will give you a general idea of if your chosen venue is big enough. You will need to let customers and clients know where you are holding it so they can plan their journeys and if they are attending. 

If you are offering catering at your event then you will need to get this sorted as well. There is nothing worse than holding an event and leaving your guests hungry. You need to decide which type of meal will be best for the chosen location. It all comes down to the type of event you are holding. Is it formal? If so, why not offer a sit down meal? If it is more of a mingling and networking event then you might want to consider nibbly, finger-foods such as a buffet. 

Plan Entertainment Options 

It can’t be all work and no play when you are planning a business event. You need to make sure that you strike the right balance here. For instance, you might want to consider hiring guest speakers. Guest speakers are a great choice as they can invigorate a crowd while also acting as a unique selling point. You just need to make sure that you are choosing the right speakers that will fit well with your planned event. 

Recruit Key Team Members

If you have members of your team who you think will work wonders at your next business event then be sure to invite them along. Recruiting members of your team will not only give them a boost and prove you have confidence in them but it will likely get you what you are wanting from this event. If you are looking to get funding or more suppliers for your company then putting your best team out there will ensure this happens. Give your team plenty of notice if you do decide to invite them, they may have partners and childcare issues to sort out for the big event. It would also be helpful to give them cues for the evening and who they should be chatting to, just so they don’t end up feeling a little lost. 

Market Effectively

Something else you will need to think about is how you are going to market this business event. If you want people to turn up then they need to be aware of its existence. If you use social media for your business and have quite a large following then you could market it through that. Alternatively, you could send out a marketing email suggesting your patrons and customers attend. 

Use Insurance 

Next, you should make sure that you are using an insurance service for your business event. While this will add to the costs, it can also save you from financial disaster if there is any reason why your business event can not go ahead. There are specialist insurance solutions available for companies who are planning a one day event. You should read this great one day event insurance guide from Insuranks. That will help you understand why this is important and the level of coverage that you can gain from a solution like this. 

Think Carefully About The Cost 

It’s important to manage a budget for any business event. Some business events will cost more than others. For instance, you could be planning to attend a trade show with your brand. This is a great way for a small business to get a lot more attention. However, it can cost a lot of money. On average, you might need to spend at least one hundred thousand to cover the costs of staff and presentation work. 

Think About Your USP 

There are lots of business events that are held throughout the year. If you are trying to get the attention of investors, then it’s important to realize that they will always have other options to explore here. That’s why you need to make sure that you are thinking in terms of a USP or unique selling point. You need to find something that is going to help your company event stand out from the rest that are planned. Events like this could even be held by competitors close to the same date as yours. 

Lay Out Your Objectives 

Finally, you need to make sure that you are laying out the objectives for your event. There are lots of different objectives that could be worth exploring here. For instance, you might be interested in boosting team morale or perhaps raising demand in your business. Your goals could also be related to gaining new funding for your company. There are so many possibilities to consider here and by laying them out clearly, you will have a solid understanding of what you need to do to ensure that your event helps you reach these targets. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key elements that you should consider when you are planning your next business event. In doing so, you can guarantee that this is a success and does deliver the fantastic results that you hoped for. If you are struggling to get the right things in place, then it’s worth talking to a professional planner. They can help you every step of the way and guarantee that no important aspect is missed during the planning stages. 

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