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How You Can Benefit From Having Your Aura Read

Spiritual health has become more well-known and popular in recent years as more celebrities and personalities have started speaking out about their own experiences with energy therapies, traditional medicine, and holistic health. Many mainstream and conventional medical professionals are starting to understand more about holistic, whole-body health as well. By focusing on the health of the whole body, including the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of humanity, we can become more complete, healthy, and whole people. 

What is Your Aura?

Energy healers and many practitioners of Eastern medicine believe that your body has a life force, or energy field called your chi. Your aura is the invisible glow of energy that your body gives off. This can be seen by spiritual healers as a glowing egg-shaped luminous body around your physical body. Your aura is created by the vibration of the many molecules of your body. Energy therapy healers evaluate the colors of your aura to learn more about you, your personality, and what you are going through. 

An aura reading machine is sometimes used by therapists and healers to help them see your aura more easily. It can also be used to help you visualize your own aura. With an aura camera, you can see real-time changes in your aura as it is cleansed or you a healed. 

What is Energy Therapy?

One aspect of holistic health or spiritual healing that is being studied more is energy healing. The idea of the body’s chi, or life force, comes from ancient Eastern medicine. The chi is the life force, or energy, of the body and if it becomes blocked or unbalanced, illness or problems will occur. Healing is focused on unblocking and balancing the chi. The chakras are the energy centers of the body and each one has a designated name and color and is associated with specific organs and emotions. The life force of the body moves along energy channels, called meridians. Energy healing is focused on balancing the energy and emotions of the body and eliminating blockages in the meridians. This is often done through reiki, acupuncture, massage, and other special therapies.

Detection of Sickness

Your aura can change color when you are ill, or even as you are beginning to become ill. If you are sick or feeling down it can sometimes be hard to know why. Many symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, or sadness can be a part of so many different maladies that they don’t help narrow down a diagnosis. If your aura shows darkness or negative energy, it can help determine why you are feeling the way you are, and how to help. Your therapist can use this knowledge to help decide what therapies to try. She can also help you see what parts of your life you can change or improve, as well as specific things you can do at home to help yourself feel better. 

For example, a dark or dull purple color located near a specific muscle can indicate strain in that area. A muddy or blackened blue could show up in someone suffering from anxiety, as blue is usually the color of calmness and expression. In general, colors that are murky, dark, muted, or muddy can show signs of illness or blockage. If you have gray or black in your aura it can be a sign of an impending illness or sickness, and your healer can help you get your body in balance and try to prevent the illness or heal it as fast as possible. 

Help You to Know Yourself

Having your aura read can give you a lot of insight into yourself. Your aura is not static, like a personality test, but rather it is always changing slightly based on what you are going through, what stage you are in, and how you are feeling. However, your personality will come into play as well. You will be able to see facets of your personality in your aura, especially if you have readings regularly and certain colors always show up or are dominant. 

This is why learning about your aura can be so powerful. Not only will you learn about your personality and how you think, what makes you tick, and what kind of person you are, but you will also learn about your current emotional state, and any physical or mental blockages you might have in your energy. You will even learn more about what you are struggling with and how to help yourself heal, work through your problems, and how you can get the best results out of life by working with your personality.

For example, people with a lot of purple in their aura tend to be highly intuitive and emotional. If you have this color, you may simply be in a stage of heightened emotion. On the other hand, you could have a strong purple tendency in your life, and knowing this can help you know yourself. You might be a person who is intuitive and needs to find deeper meaning in life, which might explain why you are dissatisfied with your meaningless work. Or you might be feeling emotionally overwhelmed by absorbing the feelings of those close to you and need to learn to create stronger boundaries.

Provoke Emotional Healing

Having your aura read can influence your emotional healing. Your aura often shows an area of darkness or murky colors where you have blockages or are having problems. By showing your emotional state, what you are struggling with, and where you have energy blockages, your aura can help you learn what parts of your emotional state you need to work on. Your aura can also help you see what kind of self-care has the greatest benefits for you. 

For example, red is the color of the root chakra and is often a bright, clear, healthy color. This can indicate a person who is cheery, confident, and self-aware. On the other hand, it can also be the color of passion and a dark murky red can show a person who is struggling with rage or having a problem with a change in their life. By spotting these colors, your therapist can often help you understand yourself in a way you didn’t see on your own.

Insight into How Others See You

Your aura can help you see how your personality and energy affect others. Since your aura is all about the energy you give off, and your energy field can sometimes be quite large, your aura interacts with those of other people you meet and spend time with. The way other people feel about you is often a result of these energies mixing and interacting, usually on an unconscious, spiritual level. By learning about your aura and the energy you give off, you will be better prepared to understand how other people view you, and why you “click” with some people better than others. 

A person with a sunny yellow aura, for example, is a person with a cheerful, sunny personality. They often attract other people to them because they are so happy. If you know someone who brightens up the room when they walk in, it’s likely that person has yellow in their aura. However, if you have this personality, you can sometimes find that others tend to use you. People always want to be around you and they can be emotionally draining as they lean on you to help them feel better. Knowing your aura can help you understand how others see you and it can help you be prepared to provide self-care and take a break when you need one.

Reveal Your Authentic Self

Many times, our environment, upbringing, and work situation can, over time, change us or make us behave differently than we used to. Having your aura read can help you to understand your authentic self: the “you” who you are in your subconscious, underneath all the layers of society that you have adopted and adapted to. If you can understand your authentic, true self, you are much closer to healing and balancing your energy. By removing the layers of adopted personality, thoughts, and desires you can see who you are and learn how you take care of your true self. 

For example, a person with a green aura is often a person who desires connection and needs to feel loved. They may have a strong connection with their inner self. If these people become unbalanced or their need for connection is blocked, it can cause them to create victimhood in their lives or cause them to become jealous. Knowing their tendencies can help them stay authentic to their own needs and watch for the development of emotional blockages or energy imbalances.


For those who are interested in energy healing, finding your aura is an important part of the process. Learning more about yourself, your personality, and how your life is affecting you right now can help you and your healer find the best therapies for you. It can also help you learn yourself and get the most out of your life, relationships, and spirituality.

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