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How MarTech Can Help SMBs and Enterprises

MarTech stands for marketing technology. It refers to the techniques and tools that marketers use to plan, create, deliver, automate, test, measure, and integrate digital marketing campaigns. MarTech covers a range of activities such as advertising, promotion, execution, and analysis. It curates the entire digital marketing process from brand identity to the buyer journey and client retention.

MarTech tools enable marketers to gain insight into the demographics, preferences, and behaviors of their target audience and make data-driven decisions to streamline, scale, and improve their marketing campaign outcomes. Companies often use more than one MarTech tool at a time. The term MarTech stack is used to refer to a suite of complementary tools that a company utilizes to accomplish its MarTech goals.

How Can MarTech Help Businesses?

Information Fidelity

Since MarTech tools are cloud-based, all data is instantly updated and available. Therefore, it is easy to sync information across various teams and devices. Aside from avoiding inconsistencies with data, having a centralized location for information allows companies to eliminate the redundancy of having to manually action data transfer from one team member to another.

Increased Efficiency

MarTech can allow businesses to easily integrate and manage several marketing channels through a single dashboard. This increases the efficiency and productivity of your marketing team and enables them to spend time on strategy, planning, and execution instead of dealing with scattered assets.

Better Collaboration

With MarTech tools, various departments such as sales, marketing, and customer service can better align their focus to move towards organization goals. MarTech services allow seamless transfer of information from one department to another, improving the customer experience as well.

Multichannel Insight

Internet users exhibit distinct behaviors when using different channels. MarTech can enable marketers to have a multichannel view of their target audience and their purchasing behavior. This can help marketers to determine the most effective channels to advertise on.

Personalize Campaigns

Through a deeper understanding of your prospects, you can customize and personalize your advertising campaigns to increase the likelihood of conversions. Personalization helps brands to connect and engage with potential customers, reactivate existing and past customers, and help prospects to move down the sales funnel.

Improve Quantity and Quality of Leads

MarTech can not just increase the number of leads but also improve the quality of the leads that a company receives. Through better audience targeting, marketing campaigns can generate leads that are more likely to convert and become paying customers.

Whole Customer Journey

When various departments are siloed, it can be tough to ensure consistent quality across the board. Integrating all your processes through MarTech systems allows you to have an overview of the entire customer journey from the first point of contact to the eventual sale or onboarding.

Campaign Measurement

With strong data support, companies can use MarTech tools to measure the success and ROI of their marketing campaigns. Tools such as Google Analytics provide a clear indication of the numbers of users that interacted with your advertising, the number of conversions, and where other users exited the sales funnel.

Compounding Benefits

Your company enjoys advantages with each MarTech tool that you add. While a single MarTech tool can expedite and enhance one aspect of your operations, a fine-tuned MarTech stack can bring exponential benefits across the entire sales and marketing chain, skyrocketing your growth.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a proprietary inbound marketing and sale platform that is designed to help companies market more efficiently and effectively. HubSpot started as a CRM (customer relationship management) software and the service provider has since expanded its offerings to include five interconnected hubs for sales, service, marketing, operations, and content management. The HubSpot CRM Suite encompasses all the above service offerings in a bundle.

HubSpot is preferred by digital marketing agencies due to its broad range of tools that integrate seamlessly. Through expert use of HubSpot’s services, digital marketing agencies can help their clients to generate inbound leads, increase conversions, close deals, and improve customer satisfaction. Although HubSpot is an extremely powerful platform, it can be difficult for companies to implement or understand it. There is where HubSpot agency partners come in.

Introducing MakeWebBetter

MakeWebBetter (MWB) is a standalone eCommerce HubSpot agency that specializes in helping its clients make the most of HubSpot’s suite of services. MWB provides dedicated services and solutions to leverage the HubSpot framework and help eCommerce businesses to grow and expand. With over 15 thousand active clients, MWB is a HubSpot Certified Premier Integrations Partner and a Diamond-tier HubSpot Solutions Partner.

MWB has developed exclusive HubSpot apps that integrate HubSpot with WooCommerce, Shopify, and other major eCommerce platforms. They also have addons designed to boost sales like dynamic coupon codes and specialized HubSpot apps like WhatsApp integration. In addition, they boast an extensive range of HubSpot services that cover onboarding, consultation, website development, and custom integrations.

MarTech has the potential to help SMBs and enterprises achieve unprecedented success. If you would like to leverage the strength of MarTech but are unsure of how and where to start, consult a MarTech services agency. An agency like MakeWebBetter can offer you a customized solution to help you to propel your business to new heights.

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