Krúžok is a working group for early-career scholars who work on the modern history of Central and Eastern Europe.

As such, it sets to…

  1. Encourage scholarly work on the history of the Habsburg Empire, the post-Ottoman Balkans, and the successor states.
  2. Provide a forum for presenting research in progress and receiving constructive feedback.
  3. Facilitate meaningful conversations about the state of the field.
  4. Develop a network of peers working on the region’s history across themes, countries, institutions, and oceans.

The workshop is convened by Orel Beilinson, a doctoral candidate at Yale University. Orel is a cultural and social historian of Europe, broadly defined, working on private life and the cycle of life in the lands between the Low Countries and Turkey between 1890 and 1968. He can be reached at FirstName.LastName@Yale.edu, on Twitter, and on Facebook (where he writes mainly in Hebrew).

The cover image for our program this year is a painting called “Mom and her sons” by the Russian post-Impressionist painter Ștefan Dimitrescu (1886-1933).