KREN142 Intermediate Korean for Advanced Learners (Heritage Track)

  • Intermediate Korean for Advanced Learners (Heritage Learners) II, Spring Semester
  • Skills L4/ Permission of instructor required/Meets during reading period
  • Continuation of KREN 132
  • After KREN 132 or equivalent
  • Instructor: Angela Lee-Smith
  • M-F 10:30-11:20
  • Description:This course is specifically for heritage Korean learners, who are raised at home where Korean is spoken, who speak even very limited or merely understand some Korean language. At the beginning, build up writing and reading skills including formal grammar learning, then working on all four integrated language skills (speaking, listening, and literacy-reading and writing), culture, and Vocabulary in the various fields are be included.
  • Pedagogy and Learning Activities: Project-based, Content-based, Genre-based, Community-based, Multiliteracy-based, Discussion/Debate-based, Performance-based, and Portfolio-based learning activities are designed to fit heritage learners’ linguistic profiles and needs and well as to promote learners’ autonomy in their language learning process. The course curriculum emphasizes authentic learning learning that encourages students to create a tangible, useful product to be shared  and applied in a real-world.
  • Syllabus: S16KREN142SYLLABUS
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Goals: Intermediate-High
  • Grammar and spelling accuracy and maintaining
  • Intensive training in Literacy skills:                                                                              -Able to understand partially texts of several paragraphs in length, such as news items featuring narration and/ or description, when texts feature a clear underlying structure and if expectations cued by the text are fulfilled.                                        -Able to write some descriptions and narratives on familiar topics using rudimentary connected discourse, featuring both simple and complex sentence structures. Sign of organizational ability at the paragraph level begin to appear.                                 -Able to write with very few spelling errors
  • Building and balancing Speaking/Listening skills and Reading /Writing skills
  • Expanding vocabulary range
  •  Culture: Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Korean Culture. Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between the practices/ products and perspectives of the culture  studied.