KREN110 Elementary Korean


  • Course Goals:Focus on building communicative competence in modern Korean in the four-balanced-language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and provide a foundation for later work in spoken and written Korean. Able to manage basic language functions in Novice level (Novice-Mid~High). Can communicate minimally with formulaic and rote utterances and produce words, phrases, and lists. Topics include: Talking about what you want, suggesting, accepting, your weekend/vacation plans, purchasing simple stuff (food, clothes), talking about daily activities, things you have to do/should not do, things you can /can’t do, making appointments, giving and asking simple directions, questions, etc.
    • Speaking: Emerging, but not sustained, ability to engage in basic communicative exchanges, mainly recombination or expansion of learned material. Content is still usually limited to a few topics related to self and immediate surroundings.
    • Listening: Able to understand partially very simple face-to-face conversations, including some questions, when strongly supposed by familiar contexts.
    • Reading: Able to derive some meaning on an inconsistent basis from simple connected texts.
    • Writing: Able to write partial success a limited number of personal communications. Practical writing skills are beginning to emerge. Can recombine memorized material into simple statements or questions.
    • Culture: Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Korean Culture. Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between the practices/ products and perspectives of the culture studied.                                        (Based on ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012)