Wikidata: Archival papers held by institutions

I was curious to know how many links to archival collections are being added to items about people in Wikidata. I wrote a SPARQL query for the Wikidata Query Service to find out.

This query makes use of Property 485 “archives at” and the bubble chart visualization is one of the built-in options for data display of the Wikidata Query Service.

Bubble chart visualization showing the institutions named in P485 "archives at" in Wikidata
Bubble chart visualization showing the institutions named in P485 “archives at” in Wikidata


The institutions named the most often by the “archives at” property are in the largest bubbles. Yale University Library and the Beinecke are in the middle layer as of today. I would like to add enough links to archival collections at these two institutions to see this visualization change (with the bubbles for Yale and the Beinecke increasing in size) before the end of 2016.


  1. Susanna Peruginelli

    Hallo, I do not see, in the item Joan Sebastian Bach (see example in the Property 485 on Wikidata), the property Archives at: I would have expected it after looking at the example illustrated above and following the mentioned example of Bach. Question: where (in which archive) documents of Bach are stored ? How is it possible to know as I cannot see a property 485 with its value in the Item for J:S: Bach. Thank you.

    • Katherine Thornton

      Thanks for your question, Susanna. From your description it sounds to me like no editor has yet added that particular statement to Bach’s item in Wikidata. If you know where Bach’s archives are located, please feel free to create the statement on Wikidata. Feel free to comment back if this doesn’t address your question!

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