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Symposium on The Appearance of Ignorance: Replies

This is the pre-publication draft of my replies to comments in the symposium on my book, The Appearance of Ignorance (Oxford UP, 2017), which symposium is forthcoming in the International Journal for the Study of Skepticism

pdf .

Some topics discussed:

  • How powerful in the skeptical argument?: pp. 2-5
  • comparison of my account of the persuasiveness of the skeptic’s first (key) premise with that of of Sosa: pp. 5-15
  • the flexibility of my “Rule of Sensitivity”: pp. 15-17
  • much spinning of wheels on the similarity relation that underlies the relevant epistemic use of the conditionals used to evaluate the sensitivity of beliefs: pp. 17-27
  • retraction and disagreement: pp. 28-37
  • the Harman lottery puzzle: pp. 38-48


Sections: Reply to….

McKenna: p. 2
Blome-Tillman: p. 15
Brendel: p. 28
Baumann: p. 38

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