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Links for talk with the guys at *A Pastor and a Philosopher Walk into a Bar*

Links to the writings I mentioned (and I suppose a few I didn’t) in the talk:


Horrific Suffering, Divine Hiddenness, and Hell: The Place of Freedom in a World Governed by God (partial draft):

“Hope and ‘the Hitler Types’”:

Little Facebook post (set to “public”) on Universalism and Christian Tradition:

Current link to the “All Shall Be Well” collection:

“Universalism and the Bible”: , Appendix B: “Free Will and Universalism”

“The Incredibility of Free Will Defenses of Hell”:

N.T. Wright, Kingdom Come Christianity, and the Focus Problem

“Really Believing in Hell”:


Facebook post (public) on interview of Josh Harris [I was trying to use the first comments to continue my post; to see it change the comments from “most relevant” to “all comments” and see the first ones, through the one that reads: “If you think what’s so good about your good news is how good it is, then I have some bad news for you]:

“Delusions of Knowledge concerning God’s Existence: A Skeptical Look at Religious Experience”:

“Confessions of a Semi-Agnostic, 1: My Spiritual Walk, Such as It Is (and what I mean by “semi-agnostic”)”:

“Confessions of a Semi-Agnostic, 2: The Specifically Christian Nature of My Walk”:

“Confessions of a Semi-Agnostic, 3: My Suspicions, the Experiences of Some Others, and What’s Going On if God Doesn’t Exist”:






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