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The Appearance of Ignorance: Knowledge, Skepticism, and Context, Vol. 2
(Oxford University Press, 2017)

book cover

chapter drafts

Detailed contents pdf
Chapter 1: Solving the Skeptical Problem pdf
Chapter 2: Moorean Methodology and AI: Was the Skeptic Doomed to Inevitable Defeat? pdf.
Chapter 3: Two Substantively Moorean Responses and the Project of Refuting Skepticism pdf
Chapter 4: Contextualism and Skepticism: The Defeat of the Bold Skeptic pdf
Chapter 5: Lotteries, Insensitivity, and Closure pdf
Chapter 6: Insensitivity pdf
Chapter 7: How Can We Know that We’re Not Brains in Vats?: Toward a Picture of Knowledge

draft: pdf

proofs: pdf

Appendix A: Pryor and Byrne’s Comparisons pdf
Appendix B: Experimental-Philosophy-Style Surveys on AI’s First Premise pdf
Appendix C: Do I Even Know[o] Any of This to Be True?: Some Thoughts about Belief, Knowledge, and Assertion in Philosophical Settings and Other Knowledge Deserts pdf
Appendix D: Weakened Closure and Skeptical Arguments pdf
Appendix E: Attempts to Explicate Intuitive Fallibilism and the Distinction between Intuitive and Genuine Conflict (GC-) Fallbilism pdf
Appendix F: Stine-Validity, Stalnaker-Reasonableness, and Fallibilist Positions on the Infallibilist’s Tensions pdf
list of references pdf





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