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L. Kealoha Freidenburg

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  • Address: 370 Prospect Street, New Haven CT 06511
  • Office: Sage 3A




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B.A.  Pomona College
M.S.  University of Washington
Ph.D.University of Connecticut

I use field observations extensively and integrate understanding of revealed natural history patterns with experiments conducted in both the field and lab.

Adult wood frog

One of the clearest insights from these studies has been the realization that even a generalist species such as the wood frog that is broadly distributed over much of North America is highly sensitive to spatial gradients that can operate on scales of centimeters.  Reconciling an understanding of this small scale sensitivity with ecological success of broad geographic scales is a large part of my research focus. My current research activities are centered on understanding how suburban landscapes and associated land use impact amphibian populations.


Arietta, A.Z.A., A. Rubenstein, L.K. Freidenburg, and P.N.K. Johnson. 2020. Multiple cases of hypomelanism in wood frog larvae (Rana sylvatica) associated with developmental retardation and mortality. Northeastern Naturalist 27:641-648. Link

Arietta, A.Z.A, L.K. Freidenburg et al. 2020. Phenological delay despite warming in wood frog Rana sylvatica reproductive timing: a 20‐year study. Ecography 43:1-11.  Link

Lambert, M. R., M. S. Smylie, A. J. Roman, L. K. Freidenburg, and D. K. Skelly. 2018. Sexual and somatic development of wood frog tadpoles along a thermal gradient. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A. 39:1-8. Link

Holgerson, M.A., M. R. Lambert, L. K. Freidenburg, and D. K. Skelly. 2017. Suburbanization alters small pond ecosystems: shifts in nitrogen and food web dynamics. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 75:641-652 Link

Freidenburg, L.K. 2017. Environmental drivers of carry-over effects in a pond breeding amphibian, the wood frog (Rana sylvatica). Canadian Journal of Zoology 95:255-262. Link

Shepack, A., L. K. Freidenburg, and D. K. Skelly. 2016. Species loss in developed landscapes: an experimental evaluation. Landscape Ecology 32:609-615. Link

Skelly, D. K., S. B. Bolden, and L. K. Freidenburg. 2014. Experimental canopy removal enhances diversity of vernal pond amphibians. Ecological Applications 24:340-345. Link

Suburban wood frog pond
Adult wood frog


Itty bitty painted turtle
Drying suburban pond

Newly laid wood frog egg mass

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