Embracing Mexico II – Wait, these Mexican COMIDA look so familiar, but are they?

  1. Barquillo vs Egg Tart
    I have to say the barquillo filling both tastes and looks very egg-y, which
    reminds me of the delicious egg tarts. They both have crusts. Barquillos are
     cone shaped but egg tarts are round shape, usually contained in shallow cups.
  2. Molletes vs Frijole Pizza
    Molletes are open-faced bread roll called bolillos, topped with fried beans,
    cheese, and sometimes avocado and meat like ham, chorizo, chicken, beef by 
    your choice. Frijole means bean in Spanish. The molletes have one layer of 
    beans and another layer of cheese on its top. Also, molletes are served in 
    sectors, which make them look more like sliced cheese pizza with extra layer
     of beans.
  3. Gordita vs Chinese Rou jia mo
    I ordered Gordita Especial, and they stuffed so much chopped carnitas inside
    the fried crispy tortilla-like thick corn cake (WOW!). Gordita in Spanish 
    means chubby. Here it refers to a small, thick corn cake that are usually 
    split open and filled with various ingredients. Differently, Chinese 
    Rou jia mo uses steamed bread called "mo" as the bun, which is made from 
    wheat flour dough. Both Rou jia mo and Gordita can have stewed shredded pork
     as fillings.
  4. Tortilla EspaƱola vs Potato Quiche
    Tortilla EspaƱola is known as spanish omelete. Just like potato quiche, 
    it features eggs and potatoes as key ingredients. However, it's said that
    quiche has a more cheesy and creamy taste, as well as a more solid crust.
    From my point of view, they are almost no difference!
  5. Tamal vs Chinese Zongzi
I learned from the local tamal shop owner that tamales can have banana leaves 
or corn husks. Though the second is more popular, the origin of tamal - state of Chiapas, produces Tamal de Chiapaneco, which is wrapped in banana leaves. 
Zongzi is wrapped in bamboo leaves, which look very similar to banana leaves. 
Zongzi has sticky rice together with red bean paste, jujube paste, or other 
ingredients as its fillings, while tamal usually has masa (a dough made from 
corn), shredded chicken, and other ingredients (mole, huevo, platano, etc) as