Embracing Mexico – Part I

As an expat, stepping foot into a new country is like diving headfirst into an ocean of surprises. Mexico, with its vibrant culture and rich traditions, is no different. Here are a few tidbits and translations to help fellow expats get by!

Clothing Sizes in Mexico👔

If you’ve tried shopping in Mexico, you might’ve noticed that the sizing terms are slightly different. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect fit:
– U.S. Extra Small – Mexico Extra Chico or XCH
– U.S. Small –  Mexico Chico or CH
– U.S. Medium – Mexico Mediano or M
– U.S. Large – Mexico Grande or G
– U.S. Extra Large – Mexico XG

Dive into Mexican Cuisine🍴

There’s a rich tapestry of flavors waiting to be explored in Mexican cuisine. Some interesting foods I’ve come across include:
– Seso: This translates to brain, and it’s often used in various traditional dishes.
– Tinga: A delicious dish made from shredded chicken in a tomato and chipotle sauce.

Fun Facts🥸

Water Consumption: Did you know? Mexicans are the world’s largest consumers of bottled water, both in individual small bottles (1.5 liters or less) and in Garrafones (large, 20-liter bottles).

Dining Out: Most restaurants in Mexico open at 1 pm. Perfect for a late lunch!

Local Delicacies: If you’ve come across Christorra on a menu in a Spanish restaurant and wondered what it is, it’s a type of fast-cure sausage from Aragon, the Basque Country and Navarre, Spain. It can be considered a special type of chorizo.

And if you’re ever in the mood for a treat, try the Spanish coca de San Juan, which is for celebrating the advent of summer for Spanish people. It tastes somewhat like a sponge cake to me.

Update: However, it turns out I wasn’t having the real coca de San Juan lol. Google it to see what the real one is like!